Farrah Abraham Shows How Eating a Strawberry Can Be ‘Damn Hot’ (PHOTO)

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Farrah AbrahamOh Farrah, Farrah, Farrah. Where to even begin with Teen Mom Farrah Abraham? One thing we can say for the girl: She has self-esteem. Between the sex tape and the various appearances, the "escorting" (if you believe that) and her countless other publicity stunts, one thing has remained clear. She is a girl with goals and she will not be deterred. No matter how many people mock her.

Her latest is to tweet a photo of herself eating a strawberry. That seems innocent enough, right? Except Farrah being Farrah, she can't just eat a strawberry. Oh no. She has to be SEXY in her strawberry loving. Yum, yum.

The caption on her photo reads:

Gotta admit this is a DAMN HOT PIC!! of me eating a #STRAWBERRY !!! #HATERSHATE :)-

Let's hand it to the woman: She knows how to get attention. There aren't many women who would make the news for eating a berry. But she does.

Look, one of our main issues right now facing young girls is a lack of self-esteem and feeling bad about their bodies. I can't defend Abraham's behavior on so many levels, and ultimately, her quest for attention is destructive. But she feels good about the way she looks and wants to show it off and flaunt it. So what? Good for her.

Eating a strawberry is far less egregious than some of the things she has done lately, so let's applaud her healthy dose of confidence in her looks and move on.

Damn hot, Farrah. Damn hot.

Do you think this is a weird tweet?


Image via Twitter

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Janet... Janethitta

↑ Totally agree... To much make up fer her age!

Jenny Carmona

she looks like she has a severe case of lazy eyes

Theresa Elkins

Ummm NO! Definitely Not sexy Farrah! First off, way too much makeup and second you look like you are either high or drunk. Obviously that's just my opinion, but I think you should be more concerned about looking beautiful and respectful considering you are a mother who is famous and your face is plastered all over for your daughter to see....

nonmember avatar Jessica

She looks totally stoned..not sexy

Elizabeth Lesley-Boles

I think this is just another sad excuse to make news, I also worry about the values that she is teaching her daughter.

Suzie Lugo

somebody been lying to her! She looks like a droopy eyed horse!!!!


--emi... --emilyy--

she looks like a drag queen.

Cathy Gray

She's either high or a bad looking drag queen.  Can't decide which.  Still a tramp any way you go about it!!


Nancy Law

She has "high self esteem" and "goals"?


She is on her way down using the most base of activities to make a living.  Her "goal" is to make money because from HER persepctive she has nothing more to offer to the world than tawdry behavior and pictures of her genitals and boobs.  Just another whore..  Naturally all her LIBERAL friends cheer on her DEMISE.

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