Emilia Clarke May Be the Perfect Anastasia Steele but ‘Game of Thrones’ Could Ruin It

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Emilia ClarkeThere is one thing that I'm sick to death of: The rumors running rampant about casting Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Can't they just figure it out already??? There is also one thing I will never, ever get sick of: Game of Thrones. So when Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO show, is rumored yet again to be a front-runner to play Ana Steele, it's hard to reconcile the fact that these two worlds are indeed colliding.

From all the Game of Thrones season 4 reports out there in Internet Land, filming is well underway. Daenerys had a major part to play in season 3, but in season 4, her role may be scaled back a little bit. Still, going back and forth between Dany and Ana, from Westeros to the Pacific Northwest, if she is indeed cast, would be quite the challenge.

Talk about a busy year! How the heck is she going to be able to pull it off?

According to Entertainmentwise, producers for the Fifty Shades movie have pegged Emilia as a favorite to play young, sweet, innocent Ana. She's also got the support of a legion of fans, though many others are arguing for Alexis Bledel, Amanda Seyfried, Nina Dobrev, and Kristen Stewart.

But let me just say, none of these actresses have starred in a show as incredible and epic as Game of Thrones. Nor did they walk into a fire and come out naked with three baby dragons! Which I thought was one of the most amazing scenes in all of television! (I have issues.) And could any sex scene with Christian Grey top the love Daenerys once had for her beloved Khal Drogo? You see, this is what I mean about worlds colliding.

Daenerys Drogo

Anyway, so Game of Thrones season 4 is set to premiere some time in spring 2014. The release date for Fifty Shades is reported to be August 2014. The filming schedule for Fifty Shades is currently unknown (the cosmos are still writhing in agony over who the hell is going to be cast, after all), but it definitely seems like the two would have to overlap.

Plus, playing Khaleesi, the mother of dragons, has to be a grueling, intense, and emotionally taxing experience. Taking on the role of Ana would also be a huge responsibility. Millions of fans can't wait to see the movie and have put tons of pressure on the leads. Would it even be fair to burden her with both, considering how crazed fans of both franchises can get? Kind of sounds like a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

Well, needless to say, Daenerys, I mean Khalessi, I mean Emilia definitely has the look, the body, the acting chops, the sex appeal, the innocence, and the bad-ass-ness to play Ana. If she doesn't end up being cast (and between you and me and the rest of the Internet, I don't think she will be, as focusing on GoT probably trumps anything else for her right now), let's hope the producers in charge can find someone else just like her.

Do you think there is any way Emilia Clarke could play both Daenerys and Ana in these two hugely popular franchises?


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Jessica Fennelly

this would be EPIC. braindead zombie expressionless kirsten stewart? oh god no.

katie... katiecat87

I think she definitely has the look for Ana. I love her in GOT. One of my favorite characters and always look forward to her storylines. I am however at a point where I think they just need to cast the movie.

Calvin Right

Those others you mentioned would be a disaster.Emilia is perfect as she's effortlessly sexy and classy. She's also not too well known so can still bring an element of surprise.

nonmember avatar alison

umm nooo, shes too short and squatty to play ana, ana is very thin and leggy, and emilia is totally the opposite of that. not to mention emilia has the sex appeal of an umpa-lumpa!

Foley... Foleygirl24

Well considering she no longer wants to get naked on GoT, I doubt she'll take a role like Fifty Shades even if they give it to her.

Annie... Anniegrace

Emilia has filmed several movies in the last while still being on GoT. Of course it's possible! Her role on GoT isn't as big as some of the others, so she probably doesn't have as long to film. We don't even know when FSoG will start! At this rate it won't be until the end of fall, and Emilia starts GoT in Sept. It's totally doable it sounds like, and if these rumors are true then they've had to had met with her about the possibility and know a way to work around it if it does interfere. She and Felicity Jones have been my picks for Ana since day 1, and until a cast is announced I will be keeping my fingers crossed for Emilia!

Annie... Anniegrace

@Alison - Anastasia is petite/average height, and that is Emilia. Ana isn't tall. And what the hell? You're probably the only one who would even say that about Emilia, she is super sexy and very gorgeous. Putting her down like that only makes you look jealous.

Kate Cooley

Not if she's smart she won't. Think Showgirls, people. Whoever's in this 50 Shades of Crap is going to be box office poison. It's a career-sinker.

Laure... Lauren0983

Lets get the nudity thing clear as someone mentioned in the comments. Emilia did NOT say that about nudity. She is not the actress that Oona Chaplin was talking about. No name was given, and Emilia even went on after that rumor and talked about nudity in the same way she did before. She was even set to play a stripper in a film that would be filling right now but the director dropped it. Ok now that that's clear...Emilia is the PERFECT Ana! If they want her they can work around her GoT schedule if it interferes, but given that we don't know when FSoG will start, I think it's a bit too early to be saying it won't work because of scheduling.

peach... peachpies

I completely agree w/ Anniegrace, on both accounts! And I believe Emilia is really the perfect actress to play Ana. She actually looks the part nearly to a T, whereas the others that have been mentioned recently are in a lot of ways the opposite of Ana. Casting Emilia would be a very wise choice, as she is not yet a household name, but she's popular enough to bring in a big crowd. A lot of fans would be happy with her cast!

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