Liam Hemsworth's Reaction to Miley's VMAs Performance Finally Revealed

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liam hemsworth miley cyrusWith everyone endlessly yabbering about Miley Cyrus's icky performance at the VMAs, we've been wondering how Liam Hemsworth feels about this latest incarnation and, err, "display" from his fiancee. Now, a source has supposedly spilled all the details to RadarOnline ...

A "pal" claims, "Liam really does care about Miley, but her racy new look and sort of ghetto attitude isn't exactly what he signed up for." Um, not sure what "ghetto attitude" is supposed to mean, but oookay. The insider continues, "Her VMA performance absolutely mortified him, and he couldn’t be more embarrassed. He doesn’t really see anything sexy about what she did on stage." Ouch!

As if that wasn't bad enough ...

The source asserts that Liam being a "serious actor with a growing career" has his "entire team ... urging him to part ways with her because she’s nothing but negative for his reputation and career. He doesn’t want to babysit her anymore. He has to move on.”

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While, let's face it, this could be complete fiction, I wouldn't be surprised if there was even a grain of truth to it. Who would be shocked to hear that he was legitimately embarrassed by that? One of the biggest takeaways from that whole debacle was that his fiancee is trying waaaay too hard to convince us she's not that innocent anymore, and it's always a bit cringe-worthy to watch your significant other bend over backwards to prove themselves in an unsavory way

What's more, he probably is very conscious of how being her fiance makes him look to some people in Hollywood. I'm sure he doesn't want to be rejected from -- or included in! -- a casting call, because he's "the guy engaged to that Miley girl." I'm sure he wants to establish himself on his own, for his own merits, and Miley is most definitely overshadowing that right now -- and not in a way that should make either of them very proud.

All of that said, who could blame the guy for bordering on "over it" with this engagement? If her antics continue to make him cringe and throw his professional rep under the bus, it may be only a matter of time before he throws in the towel.

Do you believe Liam was embarrassed by Miley's performance?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I think he was over it the night he went home with January Jones.

Barbara Codner

Miley fails to realize that she's not being looked upon as being cool, which is what she wants to be. She's become a laughing stock. If she continues down this road, she will have no career or fiancé. It doesn't seem worth it.

lovem... lovemy2sons25

I would be if I was him! He could do WAY better!!

Mandy Swanda

What is wrong with people?   Why does everyone keep speculating as to what her Fiance thinks?  He is with her.....plans on Marrying her.  She has never made it a secret, that even when she was still Hannah Montana, that she was nothing like her character.  She has always been off the wall.  Liam was with her when she chopped off her hair, and is with her now.  
It seems like everyone assumes she is at home wearing pearls and kitten heels while baking a cake, and this was the first time he ever saw her do anything like this.  Which is beyond weird.  Have you seen her video?  She does the same stuff and more.  I am inclined to believe that she is like this all the time....and he....*Gasp* actually loves her just the way she is.

What I am having trouble with is why everyone keeps asking if the Men in her life approve or her artistic direction.  What is this 1950?    

nonmember avatar Adult4ManyYears

I think all this attention to M.C. is a bit ridiculous. She didn't get naked on stage, she danced around like a child wanting attention, how many of us haven't been silly and immature especially at that age (if you say you haven't been then you are really lying:) . All the media is doing is blowing it up. I keep hearing that she and Liam are over but aren't they still living together? Aren't they still together in photos? At their age, I think it would be a miracle if they actually ended up getting married so one day, they will probably actually BE over but that's normal for their age. We don't normally get married at age 20 or 21 anymore. Heck, I didn't get married till I was almost 30 myself and love being married but also enjoyed my single years:)

Too bad so many people are so unhappy with their own lives that they have to point envious fingers at celebs..... grow up and start living your own lives! Do you really think most celebs care what you say about them? They are laughing their way to the bank...

Todd Vrancic

Did the author of this actually hear any of these opinions from the man himself?  I don't trust secondhand "information" from anonymous sources.  Let them be and handle their relationship without your "help."

Yolie Scott

Do people really think she looked good while she was prancing on the stage with her tongue hanging out like a Pug dog. I don't think she even has a voice and before everybody starts to criticize what I said, this is my opinion whether you like it or not.

mlg1989 mlg1989

Dump her. Take me! I love Liam!

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

Already listed it.

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