Major 'Glee' Star Joining 'DWTS' Season 17 Cast? Competitors, Beware! (VIDEO)

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Amber RileyAll right Glee fans, it's time to geek out. We know a lot of you were uber bummed when it was announced that Mercedes, AKA actress Amber Riley, was leaving the halls of McKinley High for bigger and better things, hence leaving the show. But new rumors indicate that the diva is going to be making her way back to TV soon. Real soon. Get this: Amber Riley is joining Dancing With the Stars for season 17! Well, that's what the rumor is anyway.

Riley will reportedly first join the original Glee castmates filming the Cory Monteith tribute episode and then start working on DWTS. And not gonna lie -- compared to the other rumored castmates of season 17, something tells me that Amber Riley could have this one in the bag.

First, let's break down who else they've mentioned in the casting rumors shall we? First up, there's Snooki -- who could be fist pumping her way to the mirror ball trophy. Then hopefully John Stamos (oh PLEASE do a dance shirtless, will ya Uncle Jesse?) and the bomb that King of Queens star Leah Remini could take the stage. And oh right, who could forget Tanning Mom?!

So ... with those names said, something tells me Riley has a solid go at this one. I mean, from what we've seen on Glee, the diva has some moves. If she can dance half as good as she can sing, then she's totally gonna take home the trophy.

We'll just have to wait until the cast is revealed September 4 and find out if Amber makes the cut! Trying to rack your brain and remember if Amber's got the dancing gene? Here, check out this clip of her shakin' it during a Glee live performance:

Would you want to see Amber Riley on Dancing With the Stars?


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Mary Catherine Neff

I would love to see Amber Riley on the show. She is an amazing dancer on Glee she will be a good addition to the show and see what she is working with.

Terry Perham

I don't watch Glee so as far as I'm concerned she is NOT a MAJOR STAR. Not real excited about seeing her or Snookie, who by the way now prefers to be called by her real name.

Barbara Bozic Conner

Sounds great and why would Snooki be even considered? She is a nothing and isn't it "Dancing with the Stars?" Why are this reality people who can't get jobs going from show to show. You go Amber! Can't wait to see you

Zebraman Farmer

I would like to see carrie underwood on it i love her so much pls God bless


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