'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: 2 Major Characters' Fates Are Leaked

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The Walking DeadIt's been a while since we've had any juicy teasers about season 4 of The Walking Dead -- that sneak peek video AMC released last Sunday SO doesn't count -- but today I've got a couple interesting bits of news about two major characters on the show. One's a fan favorite, the other, not so much.

If you want to avoid any and all potential season 4 spoilers, here's your chance to click away and preserve your virginal viewing experience when The Walking Dead comes back on the air in October. Otherwise, keep reading to get the latest scoop on who may be stepping up in terms of character development this season ... and who's likely to get killed off.

Let's start with the Governor, played by David Morrissey. It's just been announced that Morrissey has been cast as the lead in AMC's new drama Line of Sight, a show about a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash. That's great news for Morrissey, right? I'm sure it's nice to have ... waaaaaaait a minute, doesn't this virtually prove his character's going to be killed off on The Walking Dead? He can't do both shows at once, can he?

Well, according to AMC, the answer is yes, since the two shows share a filming location:

We are huge fans of David Morrissey and are glad he’ll be doing double duty for AMC viewers through his work on ‘The Walking Dead’ and our pilot for ‘Line of Sight,’ both of which are produced in Atlanta.

Yeah, but come on. Assuming Line of Sight makes it past the pilot stage, I doubt he signed up for a long term dual commitment. My feeling is that the Governor definitely isn't going to live past season 4, which would make sense to me. I guess the writers could always come up with fresh new ways to keep him around, but I think his story should conclude this season. Maybe even during the first half, which reportedly includes some "standalone Governor installments." I could see the season starting out with him coming back to haunt the prisoners, then he gets killed off in the midseason finale.

Okay, so the Governor is theoretically maybe probably going to leave the show, so who's going to have a bigger role? If the rumors are true, the answer is Carol. She's featured fairly prominently in the season 4 trailer, and Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, dropped this intriguing hint about what we can expect in season 4 from actress Melissa McBride:

You know, Melissa has not been given the stuff that she can definitely deserve and pull off and it’s definitely gonna come — everyone, I think, this coming season, is gonna be open to sussing out the world and really diving into characters that you haven’t really gotten to know.

Nice. I LOVE Carol. And I love the idea of sussing out a world where we dive into Carol and Daryl having a hot make-out session. I feel like she definitely deserves that and can pull it off, you know?

What do you make of these potential character changes? Are you in favor of the Governor dying and/or Carol having a bigger role?

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nonmember avatar govsgirl007

I am probably one of the few who likes having The Governor on the show so I am hoping that David Morrissey sticks around for awhile longer. I hope that he does both shows. As far as Carol goes I like her but it does not matter to me if she gets a bigger role or not.

Patti... Pattiann236

Yes to the Govenor dying, he is creepy  and YES to Carol having a bigger part.  pattiann236

Keya25 Keya25


nonmember avatar Nina

Ho Hum. Carol is boring me to death. I couldn't imagine a "bigger" role for her. I'd hate to see the govenor killed off but it is probably inevitable. Best get some new more interesting characters soon. I'm just about sick of frumpy abused Carol and damaged Daryl. For God's sake, give Daryl a hottie to roll around with and just put Carol down.

nonmember avatar Ann

I love the walking dead, but to be really honest, although i think they do need to do more with Carol's character, I don't look forward to it, if they hook Daryl and Carol up, this is a zombie show, not wuthering heights.'

nonmember avatar Aggie

Carol sucks! Kill her off already, would ya? She shouldnt made it out of the farm in my opinion. And btw, who comes up with that stuff about her hooking up with daryl anyway? Didnt u all see his reaction in s3e1 to her proposition to 'fool around? Think that makes it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with her

nonmember avatar Emily

I love the walking dead I would say its one of my favorite shows to watch. If I were to pick who gets killed off it would be Beth she has not really done anything through out all 3 seasons. I think carol has earned her place.

nonmember avatar CM

Yes, yes, yes and more YES! Melissa McBride is a wonderful actress who has been way underutilized! It's time for more of her for sure! I admit I'm definitely for the Carol and Daryl pairing but if I had a choice between having more MM on my TV or them hooking up only for her to die, I'll gladly take them staying fronds so we can keep Carol!

As for DM, the Governor character is great but at some point he had to go, there's no way around it! In fact I'm glad to hear there are other threats than just him in Season 4 because if that's all they focused on this season, it would start feeling monotonous and that's not something TWD had ever been! The writers are amazing like that!

nonmember avatar Shelby

I think he needs to hook up with Beth, I honestly don't see Daryl and Carol much more then friends. Plus you can't fix broken and they both are, I think they both need someone who hasn't had such a hard life to make them both happy. So Beth and Daryl it is for me:)))

nonmember avatar TygrLily

Carol teases Daryl. It's one way she draws him out. When they were on top of that bus she was so enjoying good naturedly teasing him she kept it up till he couldn't take it anymore. She KNEW he wasn't ready to take things further. She alone can do this because Daryl trusts her as he has never trusted anyone before, He would never take that much teasing from anyone else. You people don't understand these characters at all. As for those who say he should be with Beth--are you 12, pedophiles or just plain idiots and nutcases?!! Daryl is 43. After all the time and effort the show has put into making Daryl the good, decent man of honor Carol wants do you really think they'd suddenly turn him into a middleaged dirtbag who can't keep his hands off a kid? And YES Daryl IS middleaged. He and Carol are 1 year apart and no he doesn't belong with some dumb bimbo hottie. Daryl would never go for that. He loves Carol's sweet and quietly elegant beauty. Yes he loves Carol and not as a mother or sister. If he looked at his mother with the hungry puppy eyes he gives Carol he has bigger issues than zombies. Get used to it. Daryl and Carol are in love and WILL be together before the season is out.

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