Kristen Stewart's Laid-Back Smiles Could Be a Secret Message for Robert Pattinson

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kristen stewart and robert pattinson, twilightKristen Stewart was spotted by a fan hanging out in Berlin a couple of days ago. Was she wailing and gnashing her teeth? No. She was (brace yourselves) smiling. Laughing, even. Like she might have been having fun. Shocker.

KStew looked mellow and relaxed on the streets of the German city where she's currently shooting a new flick. While she wasn't giggling up a storm like her ex Robert Pattinson was with model Camille Rowe not so long ago, she wasn't exactly in hiding either.

Kristen's looked pretty grim for most of August as she has worked with actress Juliette Binoche on the film Sils Maria. Though let's be real -- Kristen looking dour as all get-out is the opposite of a new development. With Rob prancing around town with basically all of the hot blondes out there, you kind of can't blame her. He's been sending her the message that he's over her loud and clear, which can't be fun.

kristen stewart, berlin

It looks like that message has finally been received. If this photo is any indication, Kristen has made up her mind to leave the stage of a breakup where you lock yourself indoors and blast Adele while main-lining gelato. While it's not as though Kristen was spotted strolling arm-in-arm with a new dude of her own, it's nice to see she is no longer playing vampire herself and nursing her wounds indoors. Some vitamin D in moderation never did no harm!

Do you think this means Kristen are Rob are really done for good?

Images via Twitter/Instagram

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Debbie Vaughn

you go girl, if he wants to be a jerk, let him go not like you couldnt have better


Barbara Gomez

I don't think that they are over!!!  Hopefully they can work things out and find their way back to each other!!!

nonmember avatar jenny

@debbie vaughn
umm, Kstew f*cked with a married man behind Rpaatz back for months. He has every right to move on.

Amanda Sayers-Johnston

SHE CHATED ON HIM, THIS IS REAL LIFE, NOT TWILIGHT.. THEY'RE FINISHED.  I hope they both, especially Rob, find happiness <3

Carol Turgeon Lamprey

I hope Kristen continues to move on. Things in life don't always go as we planned, and I think this will be good for her considering all the backlash of her scandal with her director last year. Hey, it's DONE and over with. People need to let her & Rob move on with their lives & careers, they're people like the rest of the world. As we say, rest in peace?

Cynthia Maria Costa

No, Kristen is not secret message for Robert Pattinson.

nonmember avatar Cheryl

Who wrote this story it is like the dumbest story I have ever read what does Kristen hanging out in Germany working on her movie and seeing the sights between breaks has to do with Rob one way or another please let the people move on with their lives and be at peace ENOUGH

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