Sexy Star Chooses Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey & Wants a Shot at Ana!

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ian somerhalderEver since the world learned Fifty Shades of Grey would become a movie, it seems like all of Hollywood -- from the most feted A-listers down to the lowliest D-listers and below -- have commented on whether or not they'd be interested in being cast. And despite being a bit beyond playing a 21-year-old at this point, Jennifer Love Hewitt recently threw her hat in the ring. 

Likely asked how she'd feel about vying for the lead role, the Client List actress gushed, "Oh my god, I would love to play Anastasia. It would be awkward now ... [but] I won't be pregnant forever. This would be a dream role. I'd love to do it. The books are so naughty. I love them!" Ha! But come on ... let's be real here. JLove's not a realistic contender ... However, the man she wants to play Christian may still be!

Jennifer told EnStarz, "I heard they were throwing around Ian Somerhalder. He would be a great Christian!"

Oh wow, she's a woman after MANY Fifty Shades fans' own hearts, huh? She seems to be thinking exactly the same way as a whole legion of Ian backers! Not that Fifty Shades producers are necessarily taking casting tips from JLove, but that's still a ringing endorsement for Ian from a veteran in the biz! 

At this point, his actual chances at nabbing the coveted gig seem slim ... But with so many people -- showbiz insiders and devoted fans -- on Team Ian, I wouldn't be surprised if he lands another role (like Gideon Cross in Sylvia Day's Crossfire TV series?!) that makes many women very, very pleased.

Thoughts on JLove's comments? You can't see her as Ana, right? But do you love her for naming Ian?!

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Pat Molina-Thompson

I adore her but she is too old for the role.  That "innocent doe eyes in the headlighst" is lacking.

Josephine Erinah Adikini

I love Jennifer Love Hewitt and yes she and Ian would make it work!My other top two picks for Ana would either be Charlize Theron or Eva Mendes. But Charlize would take the top notch prize though because she is definitely an Anastasia Steel, and can make a grown man cry. don't get me wrong, Eva can make a grown ass man cry too!

I'd definitely pair Charlize and Henry Cavill. Can you Imagine Henry playing a sulky Christian? Adorable! And lord knows I love and adore Henry immensely with the utmost passion passion!

So here is how I would cast them depending on option and availability

Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey and Jennifer Love Hewitt as Anastasia Steel.

Matt Bomer as Christian Grey and Eva Mendes as Anastasia Steel.

Henry Cavill as Christian Grey and Charlize Theron as Anastasia Steel. ( I do understand that Charlize is many years older than Henry but who cares right? I mean have you seen Charlize? Heck I have a crush on her!)

OR we can always go with Eva Mendes as Ana and Ian as Christian. Mmmmmmm? Si? Eh? ;)

Sue McGee

She's WAY too old to play Ana.

nonmember avatar laura

Ian is grey, no other contenders and Emilia Clarke is Ana, sorry but Jennifer is so old to be Ana, Emilia is the only Anastasia Steele

Angelina Kolka

NO freaking way!!! NO no no no no no!!

Wanda Czechan

her no him yes team ian from day 1

Chardonnay Cuvee

I love Jlove but shes to old and not innocent enough..And IAN IS my Second choice, I need Matt Bomer as Mr Grey..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with handcuffs on

Chardonnay Cuvee

I think Minka Kelley would be a great Ana

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