'Dancing With the Stars' Latest Casting Rumor Is Going to Make Tom Cruise Very, Very Angry

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DWTSThe latest Dancing With the Stars season 17 rumor is OH so exciting. The beauty of this casting rumor is that the Church of Scientology (and Tom Cruise) are going to be very, very angry.

We already know that Snooki is rumored to be joining the cast and that John Stamos may also make an appearance (please GOD). In a few days we will actually know it all, but for now, we must be content with speculation and rumors. This one is a doozy.

Dancing With the Stars is famous for picking up on stars who are having a moment. Whether it's controversy (like Bristol Palin or Kate Gosselin) or just fame for fame's sake (The Situation), they usually score some celebs who will bring a little something extra in terms of controversy. This would very much be true of this person.

Word on the street has it that Leah Remini is being considered! That would the King of Queens star who is currently locked in an epic battle with the Church of Scientology after raising questions about the disappearance of church leader David Miscavige's wife Shelly.


Who knows what she will bring to the dance floor, but her unabashed honesty and complete lack of filter when it comes to the church that counts Kirstie Alley (a former DWTS favorite) and Tom Cruise among its many members should be interesting. I will be curious to see how the show handles that. IF they handle that. Ticking off the church doesn't seem like a wise move.

She could be paired with just about any pro, but I actually see her going pretty far. She has that physique that kind of makes you think she would be a good dancer. And guess what? The further she goes, the more drama we get to see. Bring it season 17!

Do you think Leah Remini is a good choice?

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Peggy Gutierrez

who are the celebs goig to be were anxious


nonmember avatar Brad

No. I've always despised her.

nonmember avatar LizFromNYC

Leah would be a great addition. She's got spunk, and she doesn't care what anybody else thinks about her. I've seen her dance a little before, and girl has awesome musicality in her body.

Barbara Miner

cant stand the little loudmouth


Maria Rodriguez


nonmember avatar Cj


Brenda Bowden



Kathy Wilson-Voelzke

Love her! Yes she does speak her opinion, but so did all of u that say she is loudmouthed!!!

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