'RHOC' Tamra Barney & Eddie Judge's Love Is Bonded in Sweat

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 tamra barney, eddie judge, tamra and eddie, real housewives of orange count, rhoc, While doing my best to keep all of my extremities covered from the cruel sun's rays, one of my favorite Real Housewives duos, Tamra Barney and her new hubby Eddie Judge, have yet to meet clothes that they would like to wear. To be clear, they aren't strolling around in their birthday suits, they've just decided to put us all to shame in their bathing suits while hanging out in Miami.

Tamra's kids were enjoying some sun and fun. The adults were enjoying these too -- plus some cocktails -- before Tamra and Eddie's new show, Tamra's OC Wedding, debuts in only a couple of days. For the happy couple, it's clear that enjoying their shared love of relaxation and physical fitness is something that really enhances their bond.

Tamra and Eddie have been such a hot couple since they began their romance. Whether it be hitting the floor for some salsa dancing or collaborating on their co-owned fitness center, you get the real sense that physical activity is what keeps them together. I bet we'll see a lot more of it on the new show, particularly as Tamra tries to distract Eddie from her overspending on the wedding.

As excited as I am to see the new show (oh come on, like you don't already have your DVR scheduled to record every minute), I'm also looking forward to more from Eddie and Tamra once the walk down the aisle is complete. They are such a fun couple to watch.

Just look at everything Tamra's taught us solo -- from how best to address your anger issues to how to move on from your difficult past. She taught us a bunch about being a happy single woman, who knows what they can bring to the table as a happy couple. Maybe after the wedding show is finito, Bravo will look into a show where Eddie and Tamra teach all of us at home how best to tone our glutes while attracting super-hot significant others.

Do you think Eddie and Tamra have a future on TV after Tamra's OC wedding airs?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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nonmember avatar Brooke

I'm sorry I couldn't concentrate on the article...I was too distracted by the bulge in Eddie's bathing suit.

fave82 fave82


nonmember avatar Summer

Tamra is a lucky girl!!!!!!!

katyq katyq

I was going to ask if i was the only one to notice his erection, haha

Bryce... Brycesmommy21

Haha Tamera posted this picture on her instagram this morning after she found it posted on the internet and she said "Eddie is that a cell phone in your pocket or you just happy to see me" 

Kelly Lewis

Oh please.  Eddie must really be straining to have his pkg sticking out like that.  Pllllleeeeassssssse!!! He's turning into a self absorbed ass already......


nonmember avatar Sm

I'm sorry "how to deal with your anger issues"? When has she ever dealt with her anger issues? She is such a raving lunatic who pits one friend against the next and excuses her horrific behavior every time by saying "I'm just honest", which of course is a lie.

Denise Barela-Paez

Wow Eddie I think you two are great. I guess Eddie has big hands after all or big feet love it.

Etta Samples-Bredeson

Tamara's own mouth she said Eddie has a Little ONE so maybe he;s packing a Sock...lol...lol... 

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