Robert Pattinson's Steamy Kisses With Beautiful Dior Ad Blonde Must Hurt Kristen Stewart

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Robert PattinsonAll summer long people have been talking about Robert Pattinson's Dior ad. Are they sitting around rapturously discussing the fashion powerhouse? No, of course not. Why do that when you can speculate about the fantasy relationship Pattinson might have with the campaign's costar, model Camille Rowe?

Confession: I maybe first misread the pairing as being "Rob and Camilla" and did a double-take thinking someone was spreading rumors about Pattinson and the Prince of Wales' wife. Thankfully, that is not the case. The blonde in question is not the much-older royal, but a spunky young thing who's got scads of chemistry with Rob -- in front of the camera and behind it, if you believe the buzz.

Kristen Stewart, are you reading this?

Yes, the duo smooched big time during the campaign. They also did more racy stuff like blow cigarette smoke into each other's mouths and frolic in a pool.

But the real story isn't high fashion's idea of sexiness, it's about how well Camille and Rob got along behind the scenes.

The couple were apparently very comfortable with each other, which might be telling since the shoot is coming not long after Rob split with Kristen. Though no one's come forward to proclaim Rob and Camille a couple, given their cozy, laid-back interactions, it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if they did hook up, would it? Plus, Rob really liked that Camille wasn't thrown by his star status. It's got to be a very welcome change.

Then again, every time Rob is spotted with a new "mystery" woman -- any woman whatsoever -- he is linked to her romantically, to the point where it's just getting silly. This could very well be more of the same.

Either way, it has to pain Kristen that her ex is getting along so well and has such smoldering chemistry -- on- and off-screen -- with another girl, a blond supermodel who looks nothing like her, no less. Ouch.

Do you think Rob and Camille are the real deal?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia

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Cynthia Maria Costa

Yeah, I'm sure that Ro adn Camille are the real deal...

Jo Sowton

shes welcome to him if he smokes and smells like an old ash tray Yuk , good job kristen you got out in time .


nonmember avatar Bonnie

how come you never have any EVIDENCE to support these claims huh????????

Shirley Sorrow

He is working and I'm sure everyone is comfortable with Rob.  He's a great guy.  Why do you always try to start something?!?!  It's rediculous. 

Christina Copeland

They are not the real deal. Kristen and Rob are the real deal.

Guy-Julie Janssen-Jeffery

Don't be rude, god forgive if anyone make mistake why not rob and his family learn to be forgiven she just make mistake when she is only 22 yrs old........

nonmember avatar Nik

FYI, this shoot was done last December, several months before gossip began about a breakup. This was not a date for him. It was a job. Just like it was a job when he got butt nekky with actresses (and with plenty of bumpin' and grindin') on the sets of Bel Ami and Cosmopolis. Whatever the status of their relationship, this Dior campaign has absolutely nothing to do with Ms. Stewart and by making it about her/them, you Ms. Stokes are stirring a sh*t pot. With the overly invested, splintered fandom that trails them like an insane asylum on wheels, my God, haven't these two had ENOUGH? Show some mercy. If they screw up, nail 'em. If they haven't, let them be. Please.

Katelyn Joyner

Don't belive anything until you see evidence outside there is such a thing as Private life people


Blessy de los Reyes

its disame old story, i dont buy it anymore. and why is it that they had to involved kristen in every article that they are writting for rob...

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