Jenelle Evans Adds New Tattoo to Her Impressive Collection

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jenelle evans, tattoos, teen momShock me, shock me, shock me. Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans has announced via Twitter her intention to hit up her favorite tattoo parlor to get some more ink. The fact that she has a favorite tattoo parlor makes me feel like the oldest lady on the planet.

I wonder if she has a list. Where do you think her local jail ranks? I guess it depends on just how trusting she is of her fellow inmates when she's in there. And any fears she may have regarding, you know, hepatitis.

Jenelle's got so many tattoos already. Sadly, a massive self-portrait of her face over her actual face is not one of them. With a star, an epic-cherry tree, and the letter 'J' (for Jace and Jenelle, natch), what will she get next?

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It seems like the lady is a step away from giving up her beloved Twitter altogether. I mean, with 10-plus tattoos (and counting), it seems like a new one is added whenever she has, you know, a thought or feeling. Surely it is only a matter of time before she fuses the two and opts for having her tweets inked onto her body.

"Really want pizza," it will say it a fuchsia-colored font on her forehead. "EFF MY LIFE" will be inked in black Gothic lettering on her clavicles, followed by gentle blue cursive lettering on a forearm that beseeches the reader not to "bro me if you don't know me." I'm not saying she's going to go do all this tomorrow, but surely it's only a matter a time.

What do you think Jenelle's new tattoo is going to be?


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Vicky Landry

She had that tattoo before!

nonmember avatar Dana

why does it matter what she gets or how many she has? I mean it is her body and she is an adult. you all just need to get a life and some business of your own and stay out of others.

nonmember avatar Britny Foster

Who cares if she has over 10 tatts? So flipping what? Get over yourself:-) .. it doesn't make anyone a bad person. Grow up. Seriously.

nonmember avatar Shanna

Wow, judgmental much? Tattoos do not make you a bad person. Just because you wouldn't choose to have a tattoo doesn't give you the right right to pass judgement over those who do. This entire article is offensive and pointless. She may hardly win parenting of the year awards but that isn't because she chose to get a tattoo (or ten). Its because she made poor parenting choices. Grow up lest someone finds something to judge you over and write an article about it.

nonmember avatar Ali

Because only people who are in jail get tattoos? I and the only tattoo artists are ex-prisoners? I have a favorite tattoo shop. It's based on reputable artists and good quality work. 10 tattoos is not even a lot. Quit judging.

BatMom. BatMom.

So..the point of this is to judge her for getting tattoos? Because that's all I'm seeing here.

nonmember avatar Laurenl

Seriously?! just because she has tattoos doesnt mean shes a bad person! so shes not the best mom...but that is because of her ACTIONS not because she has ink! im a mom, i have 4 tattoos and 4 piercings, not including my wanna pass judgement on me too????? seriously, get a damn life!

Brittany Fowler

You're an idiot. Oh man how could someone possibly have 10 tattoos?!? How dare she express herself differently than you see fit. You don't deserve to post for this or any other site for that matter. How dare you try to compare the tattoos she has to "really want pizza" or the fact that she has trust in a person putting something PERMANENT on her body to a favorite jail? Do only people in jail have tattoos? I'm covered in tattoos and can guarantee I make more than people like your pathetic ass. Quit your job. Please.

nonmember avatar Sammy

I have two tattoos so far, and plan on getting some more in the future... So I honestly don't think it Matters whether or not she gets more tattoos... It's her body and she can do whatever she wants with it!!! So back off.

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