Nina Dobrev's Cryptic Post Makes Her Sound Bitter About Breakup With Ian Somerhalder

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nina dobrev, quotes, ian somerhalderBreaking up with your boyfriend is never exactly the easiest or most fun activity on the planet. This is true even if you are Nina Dobrev and the boyfriend in question is Ian Somerhalder. Breakups are yuck just all over.

What do we do to heal our wounds when stuff goes kaput? We vent. Celebrities are no exception when it comes to exercising this guilty pleasure. Take, for example, a recent post on Instagram courtesy of Nina. At first glance, it's a generic, if vaguely inspirational, quotation devoid of meaning. But if you look again, it's basically a coded message to her ex.

After a breakup, hurt feelings obviously run rampant. With the birth of social media, we've all put away our puffy, pink journals covered in unicorns and found a brand-shiny new place to vent our angst -- all as passive-aggressively as possible, of course.

"Wouldn't it be nice if sweatpants were sexy," her post begins. Is stylish Nina taking a dig at Ian's boho, California-casual look? Perhaps. The quote goes on to despair about how the world would be so much nicer if "girls didn't cause so much drama, and guys were less confusing."

Um. Nina. That kind of sounds like you are implicating another woman in your split with Ian! If you don't want everyone to think you are not over your ex, refrain from making veiled references to "men being difficult" and "girls causing drama" for at least 18 months. Or at least until after Fifty Shades of Grey has been cast. Because until it's set in stone, all this pining just makes Ian seem like an even more appealing Christian.

Do you think Nina's post was about Ian?

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nonmember avatar Erin

Hmmmm maybe just likes the plaque.......its pretty generic.

JS0512 JS0512

What do I think?  I think you're REALLY reaching here.  Way to over analyze a photo of an "inspirational quote".

nonmember avatar comment

nina qoutes contraindicate each other .. like she copied and pasted without even noticing that one completely negate another one she just posted few days before .. she try to make herself deep inspiring .. but she can not because she is not .. she is superficial girl that want to have fun all day and if relationship does not make her happy for a second she just quit is so wrong .. real relationship is sharing happiness and sadness with your partner ..I am not a big fan of Ian but he is deeper more inspiring want to do something more than fun .. it is not blashing on nian fans but ian and nina completely different in their personality interest .. nina need superficial guy to hang out with all time and just has fun fun fun which is ok
and ian need a woman that support him love him and apprciate being with him just for him and his personality not to have fun with him every second of the day

nonmember avatar chris

This is how rumors get created. People read into things. These are not her quotes, its a sign that I have seen on facebook several times. Just because she posted it doesnt mean its about Ian. I've posted quotes that I like before. If your that bored, knit a blanket. Don't make nothing into something.

nonmember avatar Phoebe

Quotes can be annoying when you use them as a guide and live your life around them. Nina was acting like a changed pork chop all summer...became so painful, I unfollowed her. Guess I'm too old for that, but the timeline is so much nicer without her teenage hoo on it.

As for relationships, they come and go. If you're not happy, you let them go and yes, Ian and Nina don't appear to be on the same page anymore. It's the fans that can't let go. Nina is 'with' Derek Hough now, maybe the fans should.

nonmember avatar Juliet

I think you're reading waaaaaaaay too much into this.

nonmember avatar The Truth

What Rebecca thinks it says, says more about Rebecca, than it it actually says about Nina. I don't know what lines Rebecca's reading between, maybe the ones in her imagination where Ian dumps Nina at falls in love with her. "A more appealing Christian"? Stalker Freak!! When did this site turn into a stalking blog? You need serious help girl.

nonmember avatar meg

If you knew anything about Nina, you would know she post quotes daily. You are making a mountain out of a mole hill!

nonmember avatar Hafsa

Poor Nina and Ian, with their every word and tweet analyzed. I like everyone else wonders why they broke up -- there is usually a reason. Ian is ten years older and clearly someone who reads, likes to travel not just to lounge on the beach and is interested in life outside of fashion and Hollywood. As much as it fit the narrative to have them as a couple, they've always seemed mis-matched to me.

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