The Truth About Desiree Hartsock & Chris Siegfried's Relationship Revealed by 'Bachelor' Insider

chris siegfried desiree hartsock date nightThe reports are flying that former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and fiance Chris Siegfried are already on the rocks and nearing splitsville in the near future. InTouch ran the couple on a recent cover, claiming their relationship is "over already!" and even Desiree's brother Nate hasn't been very helpful, saying that Chris was obviously not Des's "first choice." Ouch. But there's at least one person defending the couple and wanting us to believe that they're doing just fine: Season 9 Bachelor Jason Mesnick!

Jason took to Twitter a couple days ago, writing, "Liar Liar In Touch Weekly. I just saw the cover! Molly Mesnick & I had dinner with Dez and Chris last night and they are so happy together!”

Huh. Good to know!

Kinda makes me feel like I may be right in my recent thinking that they actually ARE going to last. Not necessarily because they're so hopelessly madly deeply legitimately in love, but maybe because, as Nate Hartsock said, Des really does "want to get married so badly and have kids." Maybe also because Chris clearly ADORES Des! Come on, the woman could do way worse than spending her life with a guy who thinks she's a goddess who inspires him to write copious pages of really bad poetry, amirite?! (In fact, some fans may say doing worse would have meant ending up with Mr. Noncommittal Brooks Forester himself!)

Regardless of WHY, I feel like everything we've seen from these two since they "came out" as a couple points to -- at the very least -- a solid attempt to make it work. Sure, they may also sound like they have something to prove. Or maybe they're just so happy to finally be done with the dating game (literally!) and move on to the next chapter of their lives. Either way, I wouldn't put my money on a breakup just yet. Whether the tabloids and reality show watchers believe it or not, I really wouldn't be surprised if Chris and Des truly believe they're in it for the long-haul.

Do you think there's any truth to the breakup rumors?


Image via Chris Siegfried/Instagram

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Cathy Neumann-Bearse

What you all seem to be forgetting ... the directors and producers are telling her to act acertain way and she did .. so NO ONE would know who she was truly in love with oy vey people she is happy and they are totally in love!

Kristina Kirschbaum Roach

This is one of your more positive posts I have ever seen!  I think they will make it, he seems more genuine than most guys on this show!  I think Sean and Catherine will as well which may make for 2 TV weddings in the next year!!!  A Bachelor/ette record I believe!!!

Claudine Bailey

They look soooo good together!!

nonmember avatar wendy wilson

i do not understand why we have so many unhappy people in this world that when someone find some kind of happiness we want to tear them down ...STOP IT....Good grief.

Lucille Molloy


Donna E Turner

Good luck to them and God bless them in they're efforts to be a public couple. People are so mean and jealous!

nonmember avatar Pat

I think they will make it. If her brother Nate is making any kind of comments that are negative towards any of this, Desiree SHOULD know that he will never give his blessing on anyone she chooses.

Arleen Spendlove

Des and Chris will get married, not with Sean and Catherine, coz as of yesterday August 29, 2013, A letter press company in Michigan contacted Des to send her some luxurious samples of wedding invitations, and Des responded to her they are interested. letter press invitation is a latest treand now. The happy couple are keeping us posted daily of their loving life together. 

Cathy Super-Witwer

The press should just leave them alone!  Let them go on with their lives in the real world and see how things progress. The media screws EVERYTHING UP...DON'T BELEIVE THE MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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