'Teen Mom 3' Recap: Joey's Temper Scares More Than Just Katie

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Teen Mom Katie YeagerOh. My. Did you catch the last big scene of Teen Mom 3 tonight? Katie Yeager's boyfriend (well, ex-boyfriend in real time) Joey Maes lost it!

He didn't exactly go all Amber Portwood, or Jenelle Evans for that matter, but that boy has a temper on him, and Katie looked terrified when she kicked him out. Frankly, I don't blame her!

In case you missed it, everything seemed to be going along swimmingly after Joey popped the questions last week. He's been picking up extra shifts at the mines, and they got a deal on a new apartment with a bedroom for Molli -- no more sleeping near the coffee pot. But then Katie fields a call from one of Joey's old buddies. Turns out he's owed the guy $400 for three years, and suddenly the guy wants to collect.

You can understand Katie getting flustered. She didn't know about this outstanding debt, and $400 is a pretty nice chunk of change, especially when your rent is more than $900 a month. Not to mention they're just about to move into pricier digs! The timing was pretty awful.

She was a little hard on Joey, springing the news on him just after he woke up, but his behavior is out of control. First he demands she take him to his mom's house, and then later when he comes home, he starts screaming at her and throwing things!

That's not a good situation for any girl to be around, but especially not one with a baby.

The other girls had it a little easier this week.

Mackenzie Douthit's boyfriend, Josh McKee, has decided not to move in with her, but he's offered to stay over one night a week to lend a hand with their son. In a rather ironic twist, her mom is forcing Josh to sleep in a separate bedroom because she doesn't approve of sex before marriage. Um, she does know where her grandson came from, right? 

Alex Sekella's boyfriend is still living at her house, and her mom stepped in to try to smooth things over between the two young parents who are always fighting. She shipped them off to therapy, something they sorely need. Whether Matt McCann is back on drugs or not, it's not healthy for little Arabella to be in a house full of screaming.

The pleasant surprise of the night came from Devoin Austin. After Briana DeJesus went to court to file an order of protection because of his insane cyberbullying, he woke up and actually showed up to watch his daughter when asked. He did as well as you would expect from a guy who had never been alone with his baby before, but at least he tried. He even changed her diaper. And, OK, he called Briana before his hour with Nova was up, but he didn't actually sound like he was asking her to come home, just to tell him where to find a clean outfit to change the baby.

What is remarkable about this series of Teen Mom is that all the fathers -- as awful as some of them may be -- are still present in their kids' lives. By this point in other shows, some of the guys were already gone.

But then, with the way Joey is treating Katie, maybe that would be the better option.

What did you think of Joey's freak-out tonight? Did he scare you?


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mexic... mexicanseaf00d

I must be living under a rock, because I was totally unaware that Teen Mom was still on. 

JohannaK JohannaK

Pretty terrible show, suprised its still on as well.

nonmember avatar Anon

It's sad how little we expect from father's, especially young ones. Devoin gets a gold star for simply watching his own kid for 30 minutes. A for effort! Ugh...

nonmember avatar Lex

It was bad that Joey was yelling & screaming around Molli.. But why do we always place the blames on the fathers? The mothers can be blamed to a certain extent too. Katie, for example, she constantly nags and whines and Joey is trying and does care about her and Molli. Her smart remarks and spoiled attitude is hard to watch as well. This couple lacks communication. As for Devoin, it's a start.. At least he is starting to make an attempt in Nova Star's life and not running the other way like most teen fathers.. At least he tried to help Briana and didnt give up when he had throw up all over him. Now he sees what Briana has to go through. Alex & Matt need to stop bickering so much and Alex should just move on and stop expecting the worst from Matt and assuming that he's using drugs again. Lastly, Mackenzie needs to give her mom a serious reality check., 2 separate bedrooms? It's a little late for that. And Josh needs to step up more. There's no such thing as a part time dad.. 1 day a week isn't helping anyone.

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