Kate Gosselin Sues Ex-Husband Jon, Claiming He Went to Disturbing Lengths to Ruin Her

kate gosselinA few days ago, if you had asked me, I would have said that divorce of Kate and Jon Gosselin was about a 10 on the acrimonious Richter scale. But today? I'm amending my answer to an "11", because Kate is now suing Jon for allegedly hacking into her phone and stealing a hard drive in order to obtain material for the Kate Gosselin tell-all book: Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

The book, which hit stores in 2012, was written by Jon's friend, Robert Hoffman, and has since been pulled from Amazon because the material for it was pulled illegally. Kate is suing Jon for millions, accusing him of wiretapping, computer hacking, identity theft, and invasion of privacy. Hoffman is claiming that anything he used to write the book was pulled from Kate's trash (yay, America). Kate's lawyer said: "Jon violated a federal anti-hacking statute in order to publish salacious, scandalous, and defamatory information about Kate. It's damaged her reputation."

The world clearly has their opinions about Kate Gosselin, and the majority of them aren't very nice. But if what she is accusing Jon of is true -- wow. How low can you go, dude? I'm not claiming to be president of the Kate Gosselin Fan Club, but is completely ruining his ex-wife's reputation more important than ruining the lives of his kids? Because that's basically what he's doing by having a scathing tell-all written about their mother.

Neither Jon nor Kate has appeared to handle this divorce in a remotely civilized manner. They're acting like children, which is sad, because they have children. A lot of them. If Jon so desperately wants to tarnish Kate's reputation (or let the world know what she's really like?), he should just talk smack to their friends like a normal person. No, it's not mature, but sheesh, it's better than having his kids come across a book like this.

What do you think of this?


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Elaine Cox

she has done a good job at that..herself

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

Elaine took the EXACT words ut of my mouth LOL- She did that shit on her own

Daisy Haverstock

I was going to say the same thing as the two people before me. I feel bad for those kids. God help her if the kids ever wrtie a tell all.

nonmember avatar sandy

Hmm, I am torn: A scheming, lying woman vs. a sneaky, vengeful ex-husband? I lean toward John. Neither is a fine display of grace under fire, but Kate's lawsuit is ironic: She is angry that written examples of her lies and poor character have been revealed, but that seems like a drug dealer claiming false arrest after a petty thief breaks into his house and then tells police about the meth lab he saw! Should John have allowed his writer friend to use the material? No. Should Kate have been a better person all along? Beyond doubt. This case should be thrown out.

stara... starandseen

He got sick of being put down by her in public, so now he wants us yo know how she's really like.   Plus I'm sure he felt that she humiliated him on the show, so now it's payback time. 

LilBa... LilBabyVulcan

Hmmm.... so she's not denying the content ON the book... just saying that it was obtained illegally... So, the stuff printed in the book is true? I mean, shit... she's practically admitting to everything by saying all the information gathered was done so illegally. She only did this because she didn't want the truth out there. 


She is NO better than him....IF he did it well her reputation was ruined way before this!!! Sorry but they both need to grow the hell up they have 8 kids after all!! And those 8 children have horrible role models!!

EvilQ... EvilQueenMommy

I don't really know who either is, but they both sound pretty childish.

MrsNe... MrsNewman

its called karma. she humiliated him time and time again on national television ... why shouldn't he have the chance to do the same? i want to read the book.

kerij... kerijeanbean

I watched a couple of episodes because there was nothing better on.  I can't really blame him for leaving.  She was a complete control freak and I kept waiting for her to come completely unglued.  He didn't have to be such an ass though.  I feel really bad for those kids.  They are so young and have been put through a hell that no child should ever have to go trough.  I think both parents are being ridiculously immature.

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