'Teen Mom' Star Finally Has a New Sweetheart

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Gary Shirley Teen MomSome happy news from Teen Mom land! 'Memba Gary Shirley, co-dependent boyfriend of one Amber Portwood and father of little Leah Shirley?

This single dad has gone and gotten himself a new girlfriend! Aww!

According to a recent tweet from Gary:

Quality time with the Gf & Leah watching the Christmas shoes

Good for Gare Bear! And may we say it's about darn time?

Amber went to prison -- wait for it -- more than a year ago. Since then, Gary has been essentially a single dude raising his daughter. He has every right to move on (no matter what Jenelle Evans thinks).

More than that, he NEEDS to move on.

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The Amber/Gary relationship was a classic example of the victim sticking by their abuser at all costs. She'd hit him, and he'd come back for more. This isn't to say that he was perfect -- he did his fair share of baiting her temper -- but the point is theirs was not a healthy relationship.

Now that Amber is in prison, rebuilding her life, Gary has been given the perfect opportunity to break free of the vicious cycle. Building a healthy relationship should be a lot easier without Amber's constant intrusions into his life, and when she gets out -- that will be better for both of them, not to mention better for little Leah.

What do you make of this news? Do you think Amber will be happy for Gary?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar MammaLei

umm...false? He's been with her for a while now...they were shopping together a few months back, and people have seen them out together...it's common knowledge in Central Indiana....

nonmember avatar lexi

I just saw them at Jack in The Box-- she is very sweet!! She took our picture but didn't want to be in the picture. <3

Amy Adams

Amber and gary should never get back together. That being said I hope Amber fights like hell to regain her custody. That selfish man will hardly let Leah see Amber. He will act like his new GF is the mom...I can see it now.


Deanne Mansell

I don't think either one is fit to raise that little girl.....

Anita Kuryla

good for him that can move on

Tina Martin

I think Amber will be happy for gary, now she has to move on and be happy for herself

Eryn Dixon

Gary Shirley is the laziest POS in town. I am surprised he moved his body to impregnat his girl friend. He mocks his child, he won't do a thing for her. Get a job Gary, lose some weight, go to charm school maybe we can move to your side of the fence.

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