Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Have Been Meeting in Secret: Can They Ever Work Things Out?

khloe kardashianDespite the rumors running rampant the past few days, saying Lamar Odom was missing and likely on some sort of drug bender, Khloe Kardashian apparently knows exactly where he is and is in contact with him. She wants him to get help. In fact, from the sound of things, that's all she wants right now. Mending their relationship and getting back together is reportedly the last thing on her mind.

But. If these two ever have a chance of making it, they need to get the hell off of reality TV.

Clearly, Khloe and Lamar's problems are much bigger than the media exposure they get. Lamar allegedly has a serious drug problem that started long before he and Khloe got together. By no means did Keeping Up With the Kardashians or Khloe and Lamar cause Lamar's downward spiral. But the pressure of being so scrutinized had to have exacerbated things.

My heart breaks for Khloe. She truly seemed -- and seems -- to be head over heels in love with Lamar. But before they can even think about working on their marriage, he needs to get help. And then after that, if they still want to try to make things work, I think they ought to turn the cameras off for a bit. I mean, could you imagine spending the first few years of your marriage in front of millions of people? There's no way that can be good for a relationship. Hoping everything works for this seemingly adorable couple.

What do you think of this?


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Angela Haverstock

I don't believe that Lamar is having a downward spiral. I think it is just spin, like all the trash stories that came out of Kim's break up with her ex. It will take something more than a a source to TMZ to make me believe this. This is the evil underbelly of blogging. Taking rumor and talking about it like it is a fact.

Chantel Jones


tabdi... tabdingess

I think they are an amazing couple and everyone needs to shut the fuck up and worry about there self's and stay the hell out of there marriage. Who don't have there far of problems. Would any of you guys wants the media and the rest of the world who clearly don't no what in the hell goes on behind closed doors be saying shit like this about your marriage. So my thoughts are everyone needs to mind there fucking own business and get the hell outta Khloe an Lamars marriage. One more thing leave baby North and her mommy and daddy alone to. You damn people arec

tabdi... tabdingess

OK I meant crazy

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