Guess Which 'Real Housewives of Miami' Star Is Destined to Be the Most Hated (VIDEO)

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Joanna Krupa is bad in bed??

As someone who has been through it first hand, I’ve got a BAD feeling about Lea Black and this season of The Real Housewives of Miami. It's as though Lea is mirroring Jill Zarin in season 3 New York and in the video below I’ll tell you why.

Though Miami is still a new kid on the block in the Housewives franchise, there are a LOT of themes that have major Mom appeal. Alexia Echevarria continues to try to manage her son’s issues; Frankie is healing physically while Peter needs emotional rehabilitation. Alexia worries to her mother that their ex-convict father is a bad seed and can she overcome this? Mama says yes, of course, and in the next breath reminds her that if she’d listened to her mother, she could be married to the Prince of Spain instead. Umm, thanks a lot, Mom.

Adriana de Moura, poor, misguided soul, is CLINGING to the idea that she’s not really married. Except she is. What do YOU think she should do in this situation? I give my advice ... we’ll have to see whether she heads in that direction.

Joanna Krupa gets some disturbing news about her prowess in the bedroom from her fiancé, Romain. If that was real ... that was RUDE.

Who can’t relate to a woman desperate to have a baby? Lisa Hochstein’s fertility plight would make anyone feel sorry for her ... until she continues to act like a producer’s puppet by stirring the drama. Is she just doing her job or enjoying it a little too much? Check out all this and more in my recap!

Which RHOM do you love watching most?

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Lori Stamm

Lisa loves to stir up the drama...she's not making herself look very good at all this season...

Philip Deslut

Lea and Joanna are my faves and as you may recall Alex i NEVER Liked Shrill Zarin LOL

Philip Deslut

ps i post on twitter as DJ Loops Fruit

Anne Smith Bungard

Why is it even on the air.  You have alot of rich women who flaunt how much money they have.  They are the worst housewives ever they.  I don't even watch them anymore.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I just want to know where Ana and that dentist chick went...

nonmember avatar Michelle Davis

Adriana is married already because she needed to become a citizen. Boom yes I said it. Why else would she have done it and never told anyone. She did use Lea to buy her paintings acting like she was broke all the time. Poor Lisa, she needs to gain a few pounds and stop worrying about having a baby and it will happen.

Philip Deslut

Karent (the Dentist) decided not to film again as she is busy with charity work Ana wasnt asked back

Kathy Hook Fischer

Why didn't she just say they were married at the court house and she wanted to have a nice big wedding ,i just don't get it.

Cynthia Beaumont

Lisa's fertility problem's is so fake.Her life is so boring she has to do something to get air time. She complained of this "problem" last year.If she was really worried or upset then this should be her major concern in life. We never see her taking vitamins or making special foods to help her body get pregnant,all she does is drink which for someone who could be pregnant at any time right? she should not be doing .She wants  to use a surrogate without feeling guilty. Not at anyone should if your blessed to have the means to have a surrogate then by all means do so,but I don't believe Lisa is doing everything possible to get pregnant. I'll believe it when I see her without a drink in her hand! 

Lea Black LOVES to stir the pot she so is using Joanna you know she gave her the "proof" to show Lisa. Lea is pissed about the reunion and is out to get anyone she feels did not help her. I'd bet money Lea is the one who blew Adriana's marriage secret into the public hello her hubby is a lawyer and would have easy access to all that "proof" . I think Adriana has her own reasons for keeping it a secret but you can't do a relality show with those kind of secrets, I agree with you she needs to adress it and get it over with. Great recap Alex! 

ninag... ninag1980

I like Lea Black.  She has done nothing wrong IMO.  People say she is fake and a hyporcite when she says hello to people she doesnt like, its called good manners.  Sweep it under the rug for the sake of a drama free event.

She had every right to question Adriana.  It is blatantly obvious that Adriana is lying about her marriage.  Her story constantly changes and she always deflects.Lea was manipulated.  Im sure Lea would help any friend if she is able, but on her terms and not being manipulated in to why you are helping.

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