AshLee Frazier & Desiree Hartsock's Ex Make a Perfectly Gorgeous Couple (PHOTO)

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AshLee Frazier Zak WaddellLook out, people! It appears as though another Bachelor/Bachelorette love connection might be in the works for two of the shows' more recent rejects.

She was first linked to two-time Bachelor Brad Womack, but now AshLee Frazier and Zak Waddell are looking pretty cozy together, sparking rumors that the two of them are well on their way to finally finding true love. (Hey -- Desiree Hartsock's trash just might be Ash's treasure.)

I mean, check out this photo of them. Don't they look a little bit giddy? Take AshLee's body language, for instance. If she pressed herself up against Zak any harder, he'd probably fall over and she'd tumble down right on top of him. (Wait. Maybe that was her intention all along?)

Anyhoo, if the photo itself isn't enough to convince you that something is going on between these two -- wait until you get a load of the caption Zak posted along with the photo.

"Great times in Houston making new friends. Coming back for your birthday @ashleefrazier."

(He's coming back for her birthday? Hmm. Wonder what sort of gift he has in mind.)

Oh yeah, AshLee also posted the same pic to Facebook and said, "Great night out with Zak. Such a great guy." (Aww. I smell romance.)

AshLee and Zak may be just "new friends" at this point, but something tells me they're both hoping for something more -- especially if they're spending her birthday together. That kind of thing is usually reserved for the most special people in your life, so there's no way I'm buying that Zak is simply one of her new pals.

And you know what? For some reason, I'm loving the idea of them being a couple -- and I think it might actually work out

For one thing, it's no secret that both of them were very serious about falling in love, getting engaged, tying the knot, and spending the rest of their lives with someone on their respective seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. They're both in "that place," so it's not like either one of them is going to scare the other away by getting too serious too quickly.

And if they do winding up falling madly in love? We can probably expect a wedding within a couple of months or so. And then after that, they can merge his family's snow cone biz with her mad organizational skills, build some sort of empire throughout the state of Texas, and live happily ever after. (With two kids and a dog and a white picket fence and all that good stuff, of course.)

Do you think AshLee and Zak make a good couple?


Image via Facebook

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youth... youthfulsoul

I love me some Zak, although I can't remember who AshLee is, I still say good for them.

annie... annie1005

No, AshLee has deep emotional issues...

Tracy Miller

If they are then AshLee is one lucky lady!

nonmember avatar Heather

NOOOOOO! Not at all...Ashlee is just wanting to keep herself in the media. Zak deserves a better more wholesome and sweet LADY. He seems like the total package-I wish he would have been chosen for the new Bachelor :(

hexxuss hexxuss

O.M.G. - Why is AshLee hunting down (or seeming to hunt down) bachelor leftovers!? She was tied slightly to Jef Holm from Emily's season as well, AND to Brad (Emily's ex), AND to Sean (ANOTHER Emily reject).... this goes so far beyond just creepy stalker feeling for me.

Hannah Ryan

No! Zak needs someone that's not emotionally unbalanced.. I like Ashlee but if she is anything like what was shown on the Bachelor than she does need help. Zak stay far away!!!!

Stephanie Carter

People stop making them a couple, they are friends! I live in the Dallas area and Zak is dating Kellie Rasberry, a radio dj !

Kristina Kirschbaum Roach

AshLee was not on Brad Womack's season, she was on Sean's season.


Joanne Hintz

they look cute together but I don't know. She is too emotional and intense. 

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