Alexander Skarsgard's New Girlfriend Is No Ellen Page


askarsAlexander Skarsgard and Fill-in-the-Blank, sitting in a tree ... who could it be?? Is it Meryl Streep? Nah, probably not. Ellen Page? NOPE!! NOT ELLEN PAGE!! And y'know what else? Maybe it never even was Ellen Page. Because if Skarsgard's new rumored girlfriend -- whose last name is of SWEDISH origin, not for nothin' -- really is Skarsgard's new girlfriend, well, it could be that the whole Ellen Page romance extravaganza thing was nothing more than a clever ruse. To throw US off the real new GF trail!

It's true! (Maybe.) See, Alexander Skarsgard is apparently dating 24-year-old actress Alicia Vikander -- and not only that, some say the two have been a couple for the past year. The past year! Do the math! If Skarsgard and Vikander really have been an item for that long, that means ASkars couldn't have been dating Ellen Page -- either that, or he was two-timing his teensy co-star. Or I guess they could have been having one of those "open" relationship things. But who really does that? Clearly -- CLEARLY -- Alexander Skarsgard is super clever and devious and concocted the whole Ellen Page scenario to distract us!!

Anyway. Skarsgard and Vikander, who appeared in the 2012 version of Anna Karenina with Keira Knightley, were recently spotted in Stockholm having lunch. Which probably says a lot, right? I mean that they were hanging out and being all casual together in Alexander's native land?? Especially considering all the stuff Alexander's said in the past about wanting a low-key girl and loving Sweden and wanting to move back there someday.

Looks like this one could be a match made in ... Sweden?

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard and Alicia Vikander make a cute couple?

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nonmember avatar sarah

Why does he keep dating fetuses...he old now shouldn't he be more after more than young skirt

nonmember avatar Amber

Sarah, I concur! I like him a lot and I noticed that he dates a lot younger most times. I've seen the age gap from 11 to 14 years! (Big sigh!)

Sky NTexas

Yes, i'm so into Alexander Skarsgard since I got hooked on True Blood and Straw Dogs but seems he prefers the tweens at least according to tbe media. I also read that he prefers to keep his private life private and he was quoted saying that if he were dating all the women the media says he's dating he'd never get out of bed. I thought that was clever. Still hopeful our paths will cross and not only would he find a woman over 40 attractive but I think he needs a little, low key chocolate mature woman in his life and I volunteer whole-heartedly. ASkars is simply Sex on a stick.

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