'Sister Wives' Mystery: How Does Kody Brown Support His (Giant) Family?

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sister wivesSo, if you're a Sister Wives fan -- even if you're not -- you've probably been wondering about something: Exactly how in the hell does Kody Brown support his gigantic family?? Cause, no matter how you feel about plural marriage, there's no way around the fact that there are a whole lotta Browns, and taking care of those kids has gotta be costing somebody a whole lotta money. But who? And how??

There seems to be no real answer, but we did manage to dig up a few clues. Apparently before TLC came along and made Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn big-time reality TV stars, Kody made a living doing Internet advertising sales. Okay, but how MUCH of a living?? According to Celebrity Networth, Kody Brown is worth $300,000. Hmm ... which maybe, MAYBE would have paid for one of the four brand new houses in Vegas? Janelle, meanwhile, runs a business called "E Z Pantry," described as a service to “provide, market, design, sell, or trade in the food storage industry.” Okay, sounds boring as all get-out, which means it's probably fairly lucrative, but still. Meri lost her (never really defined) job when the family came out on TV, so since then, the rest of the family (Meri, Christine, and now Robyn) have pretty much been stay-at-home moms (apart from the whole My Sister Wife's Closet jewelry biz, which isn't making anybody rich just yet). Now, with 17 kids, you kind of need three stay-at-home moms -- but that still doesn't explain where the rest of the money is coming from. 

So the real question, then, is how much does the family get paid per episode of Sister Wives?? Nobody's telling, but from other reality TV show salaries ($250,000 per episode for Kate Plus 8 and $1 million for Sarah Palin's Alaska), we can assume they're getting at least $50K per show. 

And that sort of answers our question, for now. Hope they get some major endorsement deals before Sister Wives goes off the air!!

Do you ever wonder about how the Brown family makes money?


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Worki... WorkingMom8479

"Okay, sounds boring as all get-out"  about Janelle's job?  Author, do some research on food storage and sustainability.  In the Mormon faith, it is encouraged to have food storage.

On the articles about the Teen Moms and the Kardashians now...  

youth... youthfulsoul

I never wondered only because common sense dictated they were earning a living from the show. The first episodes revealed their jobs pre-show.

hexxuss hexxuss

It's funny how if they all split apart, it looks like Janelle is the only one with enough sense to have something she can fall back on, on her own.  She's probably my favourite - I dont ever watch the show, but I see clips here & there & she seems to have her head on straight. Well, straighter than the others anyway.

Toris... Torismom328

Since only Meri is his legal wife, I imagine the other 3 are able to get government assistance.  If they arent legally married to him, and he doesnt use those 3 homes as his mailing address, they are single moms in the eyes of the government. 

Coles... Coles_mom

On a reliable source, each adult makes $75,000 per episode.

shell... shellyplatz

Jenelle had a good paying job back in Utah, Meri and Cody both worked. Christine and Robin stayed home with the kids.

nonmember avatar derick

If you watched Sister Wives, you would have the answers to all of these questions. For example, if you watched the beginning episodes of Sister Wives, you would know that Kody worked full-time as well as Meri and Janelle. Christine was the only spouse who did not work and that was because she preferred to be a stay at home mother which I'm sure saved the family a great deal of money as well. So, I suppose the lesson of the day is... Don't ask questions to which you have already been given the answer. It just seems like you're running a smear campaign otherwise.

nonmember avatar plaxico

Hi Derick, glad to know there's another dude besides me watching the Sisters really closely and recording all the critical details. Maybe we could get together and talk 'plural marriage' sometime? I'd like to have a posse of pregnant mares in my stable. How 'bout you? *Snort*

Jackie Primavera

Every time I watch SW I say to my husband TLC must be picking up the big tab on this gang of peeps.New homes designed by each wife.They wanted us to believe that Meri may not get her morg.Her daughter is crying and Meri is crying and its xmas REALLY The homes are HUGE.Does Meri want another child REALLY Its goes on and on.Cody looks like he aged 10 years.He's always happy,what a guy.They kept flashing the lady at the mall saying I want to know how he can take care of all the ladies in the bedroom WINK WINK .I dont' care!!! Its a great gig if you can get a reality show I sure would like to try out for one.I would like to know that!!

Angie Eads

Meri was a social worker/counselor for teens...that was alluded to in the first few episodes when the show came out.

The Duggars only make $28,000 per episode, so how could Kate or even the Browns pull in tons more than that?!

NOT that I am comparing the Duggars to either of those families. I personally happen to love the Duggars and I am a fan of Sister Wives and keep up with Kate because I adore those kids.

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