Ian Somerhalder's Sexy New Photos Are More Proof He Should Play Christian Grey

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50 Shades of Grey fans have been waiting with baited breath to discover who will have the sexy, sexy honor of playing Christian Grey once the movie becomes a reality. "Pllllease make it, Matt Bomer," half of them whisper. "No, let it be Ian Somerhalder," the other half fires back. "Let them take off their shirts and fight for the part," adds someone who is very, very smart ... and also me.

Since shirtless celebrity wrestling is not likely to go down, we're left keeping our eyes diligently peeled for any and all casting developments -- or at the very least, '50 Shades' teaser trailers and hot photos of our favorite choices for Christian and Ana. Since those in Camp Somerhalder recently suffered some sorrow of the highest order, we need that eye candy now more than ever. What inspired this wailing and gnashing of teeth? Well the rumors about Ian, of course.

You remember the ones -- those horrible lies being spread that Somerhalder is no longer in the running to play Christian! Rage! Tears! Votice candles lit to honor his eyes! We consider ourselves among those fans laid low to hear of Captain Cheekbone's ousting. The man's ability to make a couture necktie seem like the planet's sexiest accessory is reason alone to make him Mr. Grey.

Admittedly, haters are going to hate, so we come bearing proof of Somerhalder's fitness for the role. Check out this hot Harper's Bazaar China spread of Ian looking even more smolderingly sexy than usual. You're welcome.

While we didn't sit down and count, we're fairly certain this black-and-white pictorial includes AT LEAST 50 shades of gray (sorry not sorry) and shows how dashing and debonair and devilishly handsome this guy really is. This man who oozes confidence and sex appeal and makes you weak in the knees with just one piercing stare IS Christian, people. He could easily lure an innocent girl like Anastasia Steele into the dark, dangerous world of doms and subs and have her wrapped around his little finger in no time. Not to mention the fact that this spread is proof positive that Ian, posing in formalwear with a black cat, is no stranger to expertly handling kitties, if you follow our meaning. That's reason enough to get him back on board to play our favorite S&M king immediately. If not sooner.

Do you think Ian Somerhalder should still be considered for the role of Christian Grey?


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nonmember avatar Shan

This guy is NOT what I picture when I think of Christian Grey. He needs to get over the fact that he's not going to get the role.

Vivia Lemos

In my imagination Grey was not as beautiful as Ian Somerhalder! Ian is the most gorgeous man in the world live and sexy!

Luana Flores Flores

 Shan  you must be blind and dumb, conserteza must want a gay role!

nonmember avatar Lisa

Ian is perfect for the role. If you read the books it's a no brainer. Christian was jaw dropping handsome. He was witty, sarcastic, petulant, and smoldering. Ian is the right choice. If they really did eliminate him it's their loss. Figuratively and monetarily.

nonmember avatar tonya

How can the rest of the world not see that Ian is Christian Grey. He is more than gorgeous.He is perfect for the part!!

nonmember avatar yvette

Ian is the best choice with all the respect I dont want a gay guy to play christian, it will ruined for me

nonmember avatar Ivy

He is CG.....the One and Only!

June Bishop-Owens

All I have to say is PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar roxy

Iran is the perfect man for the job!! no doubt about it.

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