Robert Pattinson's Visit to Sick Kids in Hospital Makes Us Fall Even More in Love With Him

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Robert PattinsonYou guyyyssss! He may be a major Hollywood hottie who's all kinds of sexy and mysterious -- but after hearing that Robert Pattinson visited the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles to brighten the day for some young fans, it's impossible not to be even more crazy about him.

He went to the hospital and surprised the patients by doing arts and crafts with them (OMG, he's crafty), and he also signed autographs and took pics with the kids.

And now we're all wondering where in the heck he's been hiding this softer, more human side of himself (no vampire pun intended.)

Even though many of us love and adore Rob, he does tend to come off as a bit standoffish and cold at times when he's out and about in public. He seems like the type who keeps to himself and doesn't like to put too much of his private life on display -- but who knew he had such a kind, selfless, caring personality underneath his stunning good looks?!?

He really needs to think about letting this side come out a little more often -- not that we actually need a reason to adore him anymore than we already do.

Can you even imagine how thrilled those children must have been? And it's not like he's some random celebrity they've never heard of -- he's like, a really, really big deal.

Hmm. I hate to say it, but maybe breaking up with Kristen Stewart was the best thing that ever happened to Rob, especially if being on his own somehow prompted him to make such a thoughtful gesture towards those kids.

(Keep it up, Rob. The whole do-gooder thing really looks good on you.)

Are you surprised that Rob has such a great heart?


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nonmember avatar Heidi

that was very sweet of him and i have to agree on the hole thing of breaking up with kirsten.. not to be rude or anything . ;)

Alicia Eggers

like i said he did a nice thing but that doesnt dismiss the fact that he dissed him fans earlier this week

Dixie Jewel

He has always had a big heart. and as far as dissing the Twilight fandom goes....he has always said they are special kind of crazy and he is right!

Marlene Lara

Not surprised at all. You can almost instantly tell it about him (it's in his face and in his smile). What a handsome caring man.

culle... cullens4ever

Whatever! We should all fo that. Ohhhhh I went to nursing homes ans played the guitar and sang to the elderly. Was I t in the news.. H*ll no..

culle... cullens4ever

Sorry for typo's .... talk to text don't always work.

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