'Teen Mom' Star Bashes Farrah Abraham as a Potential 'DWTS' Contestant

farrah abrahamChelsea Houska's outspoken dad, Randy, just tweeted that he hates Farrah Abraham. Just kidding. Kind of. Randy didn't exactly come out and say he disproves of the Teen Mom-cum-porn star, but he did make some pretty passive-aggressive comments about the murmurings that say that Abraham may be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

Randy, AKA Papa Randlicious, tweeted:

"Dancing with the Stars seems to be #JumpingTheShark." He then fired off a "clarifying" tweet, saying: "When the show is getting so bad it uses desperate measures like Fonzie jumping the shark on Happy Days."

Okay, A) Yeah, right. That first tweet was TOTALLY about Farrah's possible foray into dancing reality TV. And B) I have two words for you, Randlicious: Tanning. Mom.

I certainly don't think Farrah Abraham is a "legitimate celebrity", but if anyone would make Dancing With the Stars jump the shark, it's friggin' Patricia Krentcil, AKA Tanning Mom, who's reportedly in talks to be a contestant. I mean, Tanning Mom? Just ... no.

It's going to be interesting, finding out who the real DWTS contestants are this season, as there have been some cah-razy names thrown out there. But one thing's for certain: Papa Randlicious isn't going to be happy with the line up. He'll watch it. But he won't be happy.

Thoughts on Farrah and Tanning Mom being on DWTS?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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Cindy Sensenig Dobbs

If these rumors turn out to be true, I'm done with the show, no matter who else is on.  They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

nonmember avatar Bran

Desperate "celebrity" to star on a desperate show... surprise???

nonmember avatar kim

I hope these rumors are not true. I love DWTS and I really do not want to have to see Farrah. She is in no way a celebrity, she got on tv by being pregnant at 16, that's it. She has no talent, she's not a star.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

She is a star Kim.........................a Porn Star haha

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