Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Officially Separate -- Nooooooo!

lamar odom khloe kardashianSo, this is incredibly sad. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have officially separated. After months of seeing tawdry headlines on rag mags ending! in! exclamation! points!, the rumors are proving to be true. TMZ is exclusively reporting that Khloe "effectively" declared a separation from Lamar, after throwing him out of the house on Wednesday. Lamar reportedly has had a crack-cocaine addiction for the past two years, and Khloe has finally reached her, um, cracking point.

I'm really pulling for this adorable, baby-talking couple to make it through this, but it's not looking likely, friends. Sources are saying it's only a matter of time before they file for divorce.

Despite all the cheating rumors, and now the reports about drug use, I really do think Khloe and Lamar love each other. Maybe it was just my wishful, E!-loving thinking, but they genuinely seemed to be the real deal. Then again, the couple got married after only knowing each other for four weeks, so maybe they were in the honeymoon phase all this time, and that masked the "reality" of what was going on.

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Thankfully, Kris Jenner, always one to muscle herself into her children's lives, made sure that her daughter had a rock solid prenup in place before the couple tied the knot. Lamar clearly has money of his own, but lord knows that bloodbath that would come to be if Khloe had to start handing over some of that hard-earned Kardashian kash. No bueno.

I secretly still have two fingers crossed in hopes that Khloe and "Lamb Lamb" will somehow make it through this, but the logical part of me knows that that's doubtful. Once TMZ starts mentioning the big "D" in their reports, we all know where things are headed: To court.

Are you sad about Khloe and Lamar?


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Cooks... Cookster792

Yes I am sad about these two, they were my favorites along with Rob.  I must also admit the Jenner boys

have grown on me. Nice to look at also. 

nonmember avatar Kimber

They seemed SOOOOO happy and great together. I was always worried since they married after only knowing each other for 1 month but it seemed like they were made for each other. I hope if Lamar does have a drug problem that he gets help and they can get back together.

Jodi Barrett

Sad times , marriage isn't taken seriously enough anymore if these two wont make it then surely we're all doomed?!! If he is a cheating ass hole then know deserves better, she is also my fav kardashian although I couldn't watch their own show, they kissed so much there was hardly anything else going on!

nonmember avatar lilly

It's not true TMZ print absolute bullshit all the time so untill I hear anything official from the kardashian family or rep I aint buying into it and really a crack addictionn for 2 years without anyone specially the NBA finding out. That is not even crediable at all. #LIES

BiBi Frederick Waltslady

yeah and neither is your horribly written comment @lilly LOL he LOOKS like hes on coke-  its clear on his face

Connie Kline

We'll never know the true story and maybe they don't know it either. Just wish them luck.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I don't know what's going on, none of us do...but I have a feeling something is definitely way wrong. I mean all these rumors have been very persistent. I truly hope that they are all wrong and that they are happy, but I have a bad feeling.

Shadena MadHead Myers

Its sooo sad :( i love khloe an i dont want her to get hurt

Laurie Kreeger

I feel sorry for them ,but this is what they signed up for ,putting their private life all over the place .I suggest she put him in rehab tell her mom to shut her mouth and go have lots of make up sex!!!

apoll... apollothor

Why are these Kardashians important to anyone but each other. They are famous for being no-talent heiresses.

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