'RHONJ' Recap: Did Teresa Giudice Imply That Jacqueline Laurita's Son's Autism Is Due to Bad Karma?

Jacqueline LauritaIt was off to Arizona for the entire Real Housewives of New Jersey crew this week. It was Melissa Gorga's birthday, and they were determined to celebrate, relax, and continue the healing that began after their last group getaway.

The big confrontation between Penny and Jen and Melissa last week had stirred things up a bit. The Gorgas were more wary of Teresa Giudice and her involvement in the whole mess. "Something's fishy," Joe said. Still they decided to try and see if Arizona could bring about more resolution and bonding. 

For awhile it did. Rosie Pierri told Teresa she'd jump in front of a coyote for her, and they all were moved after an energy healer brought both Rich and Kathy Wakile to tears with messages from their deceased parents. 

As everyone but Melissa (who was sick) was out hiking, they stopped for a ceremony in which everyone was asked to write down something they wanted to let go of and then burn it. As one by one they all wrote down something seemingly related to Teresa, I was worried it was going to get ugly then. When it was Teresa's turn, she said, "I’m just really emotional listening to everyone who had a problem with me."

I thought that was going to be the beginning of a big brawl once again, but surprisingly, instead of her usually defensive attack, she called them all up to stand with her. Then she told them she was happy with how things were going with all of them, and that she wanted to keep working on things. It was very Kumbaya. 

Then she and Jacqueline stepped aside. Jacqueline had admitted how much she'd missed Teresa, and there was a hugfest coming on. Then with just a few words, Teresa put a screeching halt to the rekindling of their friendship. She said:

My thing is I never want to do anything to hurt anyone else because karma might not only come back to me but to my daughters.

Jacqueline's face froze, and previews for next week show her ranting about how Teresa was perhaps insinuating that her autistic son's problems were a result of her bad karma. Honestly, I'm not sure I would have made that leap had it not been for Jacqueline's reaction. Teresa really couldn't be that cruel, could she?

But the more I think about it, why else would she say that? We know she has a propensity for getting words and phrases wrong, but this seemed perhaps a little more well thought out. It could be one of those things that she's been dying to say, but can throw out there in this manner and claim total innocence. I can just hear her now calling Jacqueline crazy for even thinking she meant that. 

I'm honestly torn here. I don't want to believe anyone would go that low, but as we've learned time and again with these ladies, you just never know.

Do you think Teresa was making a dig at Jacqueline and her son with her remark about karma affecting your children?


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Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Teresa's not that bright and doesn't really make sense most of the times she talks. I don't think for one second she meant anything against Nicholas by the karma comment. Seems like Jac is a little sensitive about the whole topic, so she's quick to be defensive.

abra819 abra819

sure, why not. Teresa's a bitch dude.

funmo... funmommy123

I don't think she was talkjng about nicholas. I think jaqualine took it that way, becausw of what she's going through.

nonmember avatar getreal

Jackie is imagining things. Teresa said the words "my" and "daughters". She didn't say "our" or "the" or "children" or "kids".......she was obviously talking about fear of bad karma and was glad that everyone was getting along again. This happens all the time on RHONJ, where people just don't listen! Even the medium told them all about how that game of "telephone" changes a story as it goes around the room. They always read more into things and misquote, leave out details, don't listen and it all blows up, often for now reason, if they'd only listen and let each other finish a sentence!

nonmember avatar Steph

I like Jacqueline and all but she totally took what Teresa said and ran. In next weeks clip it's pretty irritating when you see Jacqueline reiterate what Teresa said, excluding the part where Teresa was talking about her own life, her own family... not Jacqueline's.

I understand that Jacqueline was on the defensive, but during that burning/healing exercise Teresa showed a lot of humility. Even if she thinks she did nothing wrong, deep down she knows she hurt her loved ones, which was evident in that exercise. I think she was just having an honest moment with Jacqueline, telling her that she never meant to cause harm, but evidently she did and she wants to make things right not just for her, but her family.

hexxuss hexxuss

Um, karma IS reaching Teresa's kids - Tax Evasion anyone?  Hullo!? 

Kathy Oliva

thats the way I took it about jackie's son. If she did mean it that blows

Norma Starnes Sawyer

OMG no!! Jacqueline always makes a mountain out of a mole hill.  Geez just shut the hell up Jacqueline!


nonmember avatar joanie gents

Hello? I'm sure that is not what she meant, the woman through all her faults does have a heart. I don't understand why things are taken in a totally different direction? What is wrong with you?

Cye Cye

My husband was watching with me and HE took it that way. And he is not as invested in the show as I am. Jacqueline has a right to be pissed and if Teresa thinks karma works like that, she'd better watch out.

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