'Sister Wives' Preview: What's Robyn's Dirty Little Secret? (VIDEO)

kody and familyGet ready for an emotional rollercoaster tonight, Sister Wives fans! Cause while on the one hand, everybody seems to be all super happy about finally being in their houses, somebody else seems to be having a less than super happy time. Who? I'll give you a hint: This person almost always seems to be having a less than super happy time. So much so, in fact, that this person has been called, at times, a crybaby. Any guesses??

ROBYN!! Of course I'm talking about Robyn, who will indeed be shedding her share of tears tonight. Tears of shame!!! Over a secret so huge it was apparently important enough to name the episode after ("Robyn's Secret"), and which has something to do with Robyn's -- gasp! -- purity. And how she "lost" it. 

Hmm. Is it just me, or is there something REALLY WRONG about a grown woman and mother breaking down in self-loathing and regret over a "mistake" she made as (I'm assuming) a teenager? First of all, let's say the secret is that she had sex before she was married. WHO THE HELL CARES?! What is this, a Hawthorne novel?? Jeez. Yes, Robyn is irritating, but she's clearly a basket base. Whose idea was it to make the emotionally unstable-ist Sister Wife of all give a public confession about her past sex life??

What do you think Robyn's secret will be?


Image via TLC

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Liane... Lianetherider

I don't really care what her secret is, but I agree wholeheartedly with Meriah (sp?) about the "mission statement." They aren't a business, they are a family, and having a mission statement is ridiculous.

nonmember avatar Sam

I think that your comment about Robyn was uncalled for. Believe it or not, some women out there deeply regret the circumstances under which they lost their virginity. Now, do I think Robyn should be discussing on t.v.? NO! But these are not normal people... (eye roll)

Emmie25 Emmie25

You Sound Like A Total Bitch. She Has Every Right To Regret Her First Time. I Do. It's Her Belief And If She WantstTo Talk About It To The Kids Then Fine. Just Because You Like To Be Loose Doesn't Mean She Does.

nonmember avatar ladybug

Robyn makes my skin crawl. I think she is manipulative. It doesn't matte what her secret is I am sure it will be overexagerated.

nonmember avatar Rose

Uh, to the bitch above me, you have no right to call anyone loose. You don't know this person's life. Since you regretted your first sexual encounter, maybe you're a loose whore. Why do you regret it? Because you were 14 and thought you were in love? Dumbass. And if you think it's ok to talk about sex to children who are still playing with Barbie's and Tonka trucks then you're seriously fucked in the head.

orlie... orliesmom

lol that's funny because I happen to think Robyn is more level headed than the rest. Christine oz the one who I think is a cry baby

abra819 abra819

Emmie, you're nasty and awful. No one likes you, leave.

TrueD... TrueDisbeliever

In the coming attractions, Robyn says something like "and I've regretted it ever since."  I certainly hope it has nothing to do with the birth of her first child!!!  Making a kid feel guilty much?

I used to enjoy watching these people, but they're getting creepier and creepier.  I'm actually beginning to think that Cody does have a good thing going... with benefits.  Anybody ever see him wash a dish or change a diaper?  Anyone agree that it has gotten more weird with the addition of Robyn?

And where the heck is her husband?  Or ex-husband?  Or baby daddy?  Anyone want to explain how 4 unemployed women qualify for 4 mortgages????


nonmember avatar Amanda

I think this opinion was uncalled or. I may not agree with their lifestyle, but I was raised a Christian and purity is a very important aspect of leading a God driven life. For people like us, it can be very damaging to our marriages to have sexual experiences with someone other than the sole man the Lord intended for us. I applaud her decision to publicly acknowledge her mistake so the Brown children can learn from it and hopefully avoid the guilt and shame that Robyn shoulders. Go Robyn!

Barbara W Bate

Who cares.....Don't we all have secrets

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