Vicki Gunvalson Will Never Leave 'RHOC' No Matter What She Says

Vicki GunvalsonMonday is part three of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, and previews indicate that it's going to be an explosive one (which, of course, they always do). The thing that has everyone buzzing about this one, however, is a peek at a scene in which Vicki Gunvalson gets up and storms off stage saying, "Guess what, Vicki's done with the show!" 

So is that it for Vicki? Could the O.G. of the O.C. really be throwing in the towel for good?

That would be a big HELL NO. There's no way Vicki will ever leave RHOC of her own free will. And Andy Cohen loves her, so I think she'll go down with the ship ... if it ever goes down. 

Sure, it's been a dramatic season for her (Of course, when has a season not been dramatic for her?), with all of the Brooks Ayers nastiness, the issues with her son-in-law, Ryan Culberson, and, of course, the rumors Lauri Peterson came back to throw in her face. It would definitely be enough to send most people running from the show, never to look back.

Vicki, however, isn't most people. She thrives in this kind of drama. While the actual events may be painful for her, I think she finds some kind of comfort in being able to work through them in the public light. She recently told OK magazine as much:


That teeter totter really gets pushed sometimes, but I like it.  I like the drama. I like the craziness. I like to juggle a lot of things at once. I was told if you want a big life you’ll have big problems and if you want a small life, you’ll have small problems. I’m a big life kind of girl.

Also, she likes to win. If she walked now, it would be letting Lauri and all of the others who (justifiably) went after her relationship with Brooks win, and there's no way she would do that. It's just not in her to give up like that.

Finally, Vicki is a businesswoman first and foremost, and she knows how lucrative this show can be in many ways. From vodka to wine, she's letting the RHOC light shine on her business endeavors, and there's no way she's going to dim it.

So no, Vicki isn't going anywhere. I suppose we'll have to wait and see to really know for sure, but I would be shocked if she did. And I hope not, because, really,  what would RHOC be without her?

Do you think Vicki will leave RHOC? Do you think she should?


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coffe... coffeeplease316

no, i would hate to see her go!


tuscani tuscani

Heck know.. She's such a Fame Whore... She can Dish it but can't take it..But I do like her.. She just needs to cool down.. it's obvious she's jealous of the younger women's looks, but she is a grand woman in her own rights.. She needs to quit screaming like Whie Trash and act more dignified.. Then none of the other ladies could hold a canle to her.

DWils... DWilson1973

I just saw in the TV Guide, that she makes $450,000 a season. Why would she ever leave making that kind of money,

Trish McDermott

if you listened to her before she got up, when she was cautioning her holier than thou daughter, she said she would leave THAT show, the reunion show.  When she got up she said "ok, vicki's done with THIS show."  I don't believe she was talking about the regular show.

Donna Pacheco

No, Vicki should stay. I feel so bad for her right now.....she loves her family and for whatever reason, she loves that scumbag Brooks! I hope her family and friends rally around her and get her through this!!

Norma Starnes Sawyer

Please let her go, enough of her!  You still have Tamra to start shit!

Crystal Sarafincean

I kinda like Vicki when she is not yelling at people and not being a hypocrite. She adds that certain something to the show, what I am not exactly sure. Anyways, I thought this season was short, I always think that cause I love these ladies, but there was so much hostility with every one other than Alexis. Even little Lydia (not being mean to women here)got into the action. I would hate to see Vicki leave the show in its entirety, who else would Tamra have for a side kick? Who would Slade poke fun at? ( as disgusting as he was) And the finger pointing between Vicki and Gretchen over the past couple of years has been very entertaining. If Vicki leaves they just might have to cancel the show all together. Forge ahead Vicki there would not have been a show if it wasn't for you.

nonmember avatar Joan Clemens

I'm glad that Vicky didn't leave, so glad that Brooks did... or did he.

nonmember avatar Bevielle

I was tired of Vick & i didn't want to see the show anymore but I guess she does bring drama. If she would class it up a little bit and stop yelling like a makes her look like an old lady when she starts yelling like that, I hate it. not to be mean but all that facial surgery goes to pot when she does that. Oh, I thought what she did in Mexico, leaving the other girls behind, was disgusting; & Tamra is just stupid because Gretchen was a better friend.

Susan Frye

I hope not. Without Vickie there would be NO show.

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