'50 Shades of Grey' Casting Now Narrowing Down Top Choices for Christian & Ana

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christian cooke in magic city
Could Christian Cooke become Christian Grey?
Sounds like Fifty Shades of Grey movie execs are sloooowly, but surely nailing down casting for the lead roles. Although we heard earlier in the week that Dakota Johnson might be the top contender to play Anastasia Steele, sources tell Variety that there are actually three other actresses in the mix: Alicia Vikander (from Anna Karenina), Imogen Poots (a British actress with hefty resume) and Hollywood's current "It" girl Shailene Woodley.

And while the four ingenues have been mentioned as favorites of Sam Taylor-Johnson and studio execs,  apparently there is NO frontrunner right now ... And more actresses could still be brought in! Geeze.

As for Christian ...

Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, also reported as a shoo-in for the part, actually passed on the role (does that mean he was offered it in the first place? Agh!) last week. BUT he may now be reconsidering and was expected to meet with execs yesterday. 

In the meantime, the studio has reportedly also met with Christian Cooke (from Magic City) and Theo James (also starring in Divergent), but ultimately came to the conclusion that they want a guy in his early 30s vs. mid-to-late 20s. (Even though Christian is supposed to be 28, but sure, okay ...)

Nonetheless, sources at the studio say no offers have been made to any actors, and it's unlikely we'll hear who is playing Ana until after Labor Day, although an actor may be named sooner! Eee!

Also interesting: Variety reports that production is expected to start at the end of October, which exec feel will give them plenty of time to get 'er done by August 2014. Because they won't have big special effects or CGI to worry about, they feel it's most important to zero in on the chemistry between the leads. Well, that's a relief.

Still, what a roller coaster ride. As awesome as the flick could (hopefully) be, it's enough already!

What are your thoughts on the latest buzz?


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nonmember avatar Brittanie

Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey please!!! Thats who i wanted from the very get go! And Emma Stone as Anastasia Steele. Jenny Mcarthy as Mrs. Robinson. Pleeeeease. Perfect for the roles. :)

Rencana Warna

would it be okay if they try to consider "Tom Hiddleston" as the Beautiful Fuct up but sensual Mr Grey.....After reading the book, i believed the male character is the most exquisite of all....is not just about good looks....is about the character....and somehow after reading the book, i feel Loki is somehow the portrayal of Mr Grey....should consider about this......

renee... reneehairi1

The absolute only choices are Matt Bomer & Imogen Poots!

nonmember avatar amber

i vote Channing Tatum for Christian

nonmember avatar Jule

I give up to be honest i am just going to wait and see i really think it will be a unknown i always wanted matt bomer but i cannot see that happening and i don't think it will be henry either

peach... peachpies

"Sources" have given us false stories many times, so why should we believe this? NONE of those girls are even close to Ana Steele! Imogen Poots would make a good Kate but not Ana. I won't be seeing the film if any of them are cast. Felicity Jones was also a rumored frontrunner and she would be PERFECT. Her or Emilia Clarke are perfect for Ana, and Henry Cavill for Christian. The best more unknown for Christian would be Max Irons.

Laure... Lauren0983

Wow what horrible contenders for Ana and Christian! These books were BESTSELLERS. Why would they settle for actresses and actors like these? So bad. Fork over a little more money for some quality actors for goodness sakes. And preferably actors that look like how characters are so vividly described! None of these ladies look like Ana at all, and Charlie Hunnam is definitely no Christian Grey.

nonmember avatar susan

Charlie Hunnam, Christian cooke are, absolutely nothing, like the description of CG. Ian Somerhalder, is the only Actor,I would go and see the Movie for.

nonmember avatar My truth

Charlie Hunnam is not even hot let alone to be christian grey :) only matt or henry :)

Dahiana Cruz

I completely agree with Lauren0983 and as much as I want to see the movie quite frankly I'm loosing interest in it .....they should consider our opinions since after all we are the consumers they should also consider the fact that if they want to make 3 movies that they only have one chance to make this right because if the chemistry is not there well guess what movie 2 and 3 have already failed.

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