'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoiler: Producer Accidentally Reveals the 'Biggest Threat' Mystery

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Walking DeadI have some incredibly shocking news about season 4 of The Walking Dead, you guys. It's a pretty big revelation, and in fact I can hardly believe that given AMC's normally on-brand approach to releasing information about future episodes, someone was willing to share such a big spoiler with the press. Here goes: in season 4 … people are going to die.

Ha, I'm just kidding. That's such a television no-shitter, it's like saying Game of Thrones is going to feature some naked hooters or Newsroom is going to be condescending or there's going to be a Sons of Anarchy scene with Jax Teller doing that aggressive bow-armed swagger.

Walking Dead executive producer David Alpert didn't exactly tell us anything we didn't already know by confirming characters will die in season 4, but he DID let slip some additional info that may help solve the puzzle of this season's "deadly new threat."

(Potential spoilers ahead!)

Okay, remember how there's been all this teasing about the "unreal," "deadly" new threat in season 4? Actress Lauren Cohen said,

It's not even the walkers and it's not even other people this time, there's a whole new threat.

Creator Robert Kirkman added that whatever it is, it could be more deadly than walkers and other people combined. I had a couple of theories for what this could be, but my main guess was that there will be a psycho within the prison who puts everyone in danger. (This would echo the comics storyline.) Commenters on my post shared lots of different ideas: a natural disaster, disease outbreak, nuclear reactors shutting down, infected zombie animals, and bad water/water shortages.

Here's what Alpert had to say in a new interview on the AMC blog:

The great thing about this show is that literally every character is on the table… We have no one that is untouchable… One of the hardest things was killing Shane. In the comic, it happened much, much earlier, and Robert had said he wanted to give that character a little bit more space to breathe. So trying to figure out what was the right place to kill Shane was really difficult… In the screening room here in production, there’s a wall that says ‘Our Grateful Dead,’ and it’s got pictures of all the characters who’ve been killed off over the seasons. It’s kind of insane: One, it’s kind of touching, and, two, we’ve killed a lot of people on this show.

When asked if new faces would join the Grateful Dead in season 4, Alpert said:

Oh, there’s going to be a whole bunch of people added to the wall. (…) I think we’re going to see an evolution in the walkers — there’s a whole bunch of new walkers — and we’ll see an evolution of the threat of human-on-human. Dangling the possibility of civilization will make people much more desperate and willing to do things that would have previously been unthinkable.

Evolution of walkers? I'm calling it: herds. Evolution of threat of human-on-human? That plays into the killer-within-the-prison idea. I could be wrong about that, of course, but I think it's safe to guess that the biggest danger to our survivors in season 4 won't be coming from coliform in the water.

Why do you think so many people are going to die in season 4? Do you think it'll mainly be zombie attacks, or something else?

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cassi... cassie_kellison

Thankfully that wsn't much of a spoiler because I just couldnt help myself, I had to read!!

Allis... AllisonWD

I figured it was herds, but I was really hoping for a natural disaster. Tornados are becoming a normal thing down here in the south in the spring. Tornado with zombies..zom-nado?

Carol Allen

Well now you went and done it Syfy has a new crazy idea

Nick Loscalzo

Herds...that still has everything to do with walkers, and the producers already revealed back in April that there would be giant herds. Nobody remembers that I guess...but they better have a better threat that isn't so obvious.

nonmember avatar Daniel Schumach

Obviously herds are going to be added to the show previews have shown that but seems like everyones forgeting about the governer being alive still and how theyve added bob stoky from the comic ,who saved the gov and coould easily be the one to cause probles within the prison while the gov trys to gt in

nonmember avatar Felix zayas

I think the new threat is food shortage, starvation.

slash... slashteddy

Evolution of walkers? My first thought is faster, more intelligent zombies...

slash... slashteddy

Evolution of walkers? My first thought is faster, more intelligent zombies...

Carmen Gloria Maldonado

Now, this could be a spoiler; not sure. For those who follow the show; remember when the governor assaulted the prison and someone completely covered drove the white truck through the prison's fence to let the walkers it was carrying out? That driver ran into the prison and no one knows what happened because they never show him/her again. I think that person is going to be revealed as the troublemaker who attacks the group from within the prison. I think this because even though the scene happened quickly, the producers made it a point for it to stand out. They made sure we saw that person run into the prison. We'll see...can't wait to find out!

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