Latest 'DWTS' Season 17 Casting Rumors Include a Name So Ridiculous It'll Make Your Head Spin

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DWTSOh man, you guys aren't going to believe it when I tell you whose name has popped up in the latest edition of Dancing With the Stars season 17 casting rumors.

When I say you're gonna be shocked, I mean you're really gonna be shocked -- to the point that you might get up and scream at your TV if this person really is announced as part of the cast on September 4.

And no, I'm not talking about Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, though she'll make a very controversial contestant in addition to being absolute ratings gold for ABC.

Are you ready?

Supposedly "Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil could be on DWTS -- which is so completely insane I honestly don't know what to make of her appearing on the show if it actually happens.

Tanning Mom? Are you freakin' kidding me?!? Can someone please explain to me how, exactly, this woman is considered a star? Because I thought the whole point of DWTS was for pro dancers to dance with, well -- actual STARS. As in celebrities. As in people who are in showbiz in one way or another and aren't famous because they're addicted to tanning beds.

I don't know, you guys -- I might just lose a little bit of faith in the show if Patricia does manage to get cast. It just seems beyond outrageous, don't you think?

As for other new casting possibilities, Seth MacFarlane and Bella Thorne have also surfaced as potential contestants -- both of whom would be way better than Tanning Mom!

OMG. I just can't seem to get over this one.

What do you think of Patricia being part of the new DWTS cast?


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Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

never heard of any of the above mentioned.... i heard the other day that Jamie Lee Curtis and John Stamos were supposed to be on

Linda Orr

I don't like it. A teenage mom or a person addicted to tanning, are not stars. Come on DWTS, have some class!

Barbara L. Parsons

No way for heavens sake lets not make this wonderful show go towards have a side show cast of people. 

Cooks... Cookster792

If she is on I will NOT watch. I am from New Jersey like her and she is a joke here.

Nona Kinney Johnson

They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Thought it was Dancing With The Stars not Dancing With What Ever we can scrape up. What some people will do the get any kind of attention. Do TPTB really think that the pro's really will to through 10+ weeks of that kind of HELL? Seriously, don't really believe they are going to have a season like Season 16. And, even that was a total cluster *u*k at the end. I think ABC or who ever decides these things need to get off their collective asses and do their jobs. Instead of taking the lazy way out and get some real stars and not just who ever they can get to fill in the space.

Carine Weisbrot Nadel

if this is the best they can start getting-time to pull the plug. these reality "stars" are not celebrities, they're embarassments. I love the show, but if this is what they're becoming, forget it.

Marylyn Lapato

It would be great to see actual stars, like Julia Roberts, J Lo, Jennie Garth, and real stars.


Eileen Willis

I don't think I can handle that one. yikes!!

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