Kim Kardashian Supposedly Hired a Private Detective to Stalk Kanye West

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestGood GRIEF. Can't a new mom catch a break for once? As if rumors about her being obsessed with losing her baby weight aren't cruel enough, now the tabloids are reporting that Kim Kardashian got herself a private detective to keep tabs on Kanye West.

You know, because she's petrified that he'll get too rowdy or cheat on her or God knows what -- and figured hiring an undercover "babysitter" was the best way to make sure he behaves himself.


OMG. Are you believing how ridiculous this is? Do you honestly believe that Kim is that insecure?

Ok, so I know she doesn't have the best track record as far as trusting men goes. She did hire a private investigator to follow Scott Disick around when she thought he might be running around on Kourtney.

But she learned her lesson with that little stunt after how irate she made her sister and Scott, so I highly doubt she'd go and pull the same thing with the father of her child. (The last thing she wants is to piss off Kanye and send him running for the hills when baby North is still so young. Duh.)

I know Kim and Kanye aren't exactly the most humble couple on the planet, but all the stories that have been popping up lately about the two of them going to extreme measures to keep their family safe -- coupled with the private detective rumor -- really just don't seem fair to them.

You know what I'm referring to, right? From buying armored cars to hiring body doubles to outfitting their new Bel Air mansion with numerous security cameras, the media is really making Kim and Kanye out to be the most paranoid celebrity couple who ever lived. And the detective thing is just the icing on the cake.

Yes, I'm sure that thoughts of what Kanye might be doing when he's not at home with her and the baby have crossed Kim's mind a time or two. But somehow I doubt she's so freaked out about what he might be up to that she's having him followed. If she was really that worried about the strength of their relationship, she probably would've cut him loose a long time ago. (Who would want to be with someone they don't trust?)

Do you really think Kim hired a private detective?


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