David Cassidy's Latest Mugshot Is a Warning for All Teen Idols (Cough, Justin Bieber, Cough) (PHOTO)

David CassidyI think I love you, David Cassidy, but what are you so afraid of? A mugshot there is no cure for? Unfortunately, former teen heartthrob Cassidy went and got himself happy somewhere in upstate New York and then blew an illegal .10 after being stopped by cops. It was only two years ago that David was arrested for DUI in Florida. Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson. And yes, yes, this mugshot is even worse than the last one. A trail of bad mugshots is usually a sign that all is not well.


Can we talk about this latest mugshot for a moment?

Hardly anyone looks good in a mugshot. It's definitely not the most flattering time to have your photo taken. No one did your hair or makeup. The lighting is harsh. You've just committed some sort of crime. Someone may have just punched you in the face, too.

A few stalwart celebs managed to make the mugshot work for them. Paris Hilton comes to mind. Carmen Electra. Hugh Grant (well, he had just gotten lucky). But it's not easy to have a good mugshot, I'm telling you.

And former teen idols in particular seem to take really bad ones. Let's see ... Jeremy London anyone? He was the hottie from Dazed & Confused. He's got to have the worst mugshot EVER. Edward Furlong? No trace of the Terminator hottie in all those mugshots taken after domestic violence arrests.

I guess my point is, David, are you okay? We're worried about you.

In David's defense, he has been dealing with the death of his mother in December, who had dementia for several years.

But current teen idols should realize that everything they have is most likely fleeting. One day, you're on top of the world, millions of women worshipping you, vowing to do anything for you, and everything you could want -- money, cars, mansions, fame -- at your fingertips.

The next, you're staring dully into the camera for your county jail mugshot.

I'm not talking to Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Harry Styles ... this is for all teen idols. But just for the sake of argument, let's pretend it's Justin Bieber. Okay, we don't have to pretend. Because former teen idol Leif Garrett has been there. His mugshot ranks up there with the worst of them. And he recently gave JB some unsolicited advice, telling the current teen idol:

Don't believe your own publicity. Sussing out who your real friends are is full-time work. Every scum bag, every drug dealer, every chicken hawk wants a piece of you.

And by "chicken hawk," I hope he doesn't mean Selena!

Teen idols, take note. Just don't take a mugshot. Or if you do, at least make it a good one.


Images via ABC/Schodack Police Dept.

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