Khloe Kardashian Sends Mysterious Message That Could Be About Lamar Odom

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khloe kardashianWhen Khloe Kardashian Instagrams words instead of a pretty picture, you can be pretty sure she's trying to say something -- and we'd all better listen up. What message have you for us this day, great oracle? Khloe tweets: "Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand, but you don't." Ahh, I see ... but what does it MEAN???

We could read this a few different ways. First, this could be about Khloe's husband-ish Lamar Odom. Maybe he has a very good reason for cheating on Khloe. (Snerk.) Maybe he did NOT in fact cheat on Khloe, it just really, really looks that way and we do not know the whole story. Or maybe this isn't about Lamar at all.

This could actually be Khloe's plea to not judge her. She could be feeling defensive about her whole awkward sitch. Some people may be giving her shit for supposedly kicking Lamar out of their home. Other people may be giving her shit for not divorcing him already. (Um, okay, that's me.) That would leave Khloe feeling caught in the middle of a hater sandwich.

What she really needs is to think this all through, whatever THIS is, the scandal and whatever actually happened or did not happen. And it's probably hard to do that with all of us yelling at her about what to do. Aw shucks, I guess she's telling us she really doesn't need our advice.

But I just hope Khloe knows a lot of this noise we're making comes from a place of fandom. People really like her (or whatever, her public persona, the character she plays on reality TV) and just want her to be happy. But fine, I will wait a whole week before writing another post about Khloe and her apparent marriage issues.

Oh yeah, Khloe also Instagrammed this: "If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?"

How much of the Lamar Odom alleged scandal do you think we have wrong?


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Elaine Cox

and in mean time the stir who was all over "racist" george zimmerman and trayvon...seem to be ignoring oklahoma and some racist tweets...shocker

Daisy Haverstock

I think the information we have been given is mostly wrong. In my experience the media (local stories I know people who are involved in them) rarely get the correct story. little snippets may be true, but just as much of it is usually untrue. It does have to go through a human filter after all.

Taisie Taisie

"If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?"

Wow, that's actually pretty deep... I like that line.

nonmember avatar sandy

Oh, criminy: I am going to stay on the side of hope... at least until Lamar comes right out and says he cheated. In his world, there actually may be a plausible explanation: Any number of women could claim "an affair" with him, based on a fan photo at a random restaurant in some city in which his team played. Yes, he may have cheated, or lied to Khloe about his whereabouts: Then again, it is just as--if not more--likely that "fire where there is smoke" is really just smoke and mirrors. Regardless, I imagine that Khloe is trying to say what we all know: Nothing really is black and white--even in yin, there is a drop of yang.

nonmember avatar meme

ewww...time to lay off visits to the plastic surgeon Khloe - makes you look more like a tranny than ever! almost scary to look at!

Mary Brandis


Tiahni Fisher

her life her rules
take no advice from people who are not married and don't listen to haters hating.

Victoria Delaney

What if they it's not about cheating Maybe its about finding a suragut so they can have a baby? Eather way there is 3 sides to every story, Sex doesn't meen love, at least he comes home to his loving happy wife and leaves the HO alone That is if he cheated?

Megan Leigh Russell Dame

OR (and hang in there on this one because I know this may be hard to grasp!)  She's tweeting some random shit that EVERYONE has said at some point in our lives!  I know, chances are, Khloe is referring to the ridiculous amount of attention everyone is giving to her marital drama, but jeez, everyone is tired of hearing that crap!  I'm so glad that I don't have speculation about every damn thing I ever post!  I don't know if the money could ever be worth all the BS that comes along with it. 

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