Latest '50 Shades of Grey' Casting Rumors Make the Movie Sound Like a Total Mess

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charlie hunnamAnother day, another Fifty Shades of Grey casting rumor hushed by the studio. Studio insiders and sources close to Charlie Hunnam, who was recently reported as the top contender for Christian Grey, say NO casting decisions have been made, Variety reports. Okay, okay, we get it! So annoying.

Apparently, no one's concerned that the film is set to open in less than a year. Variety notes that "the shoot is not expected to be a long one, and there is still time before a decision needs to be made." Um, perhaps ... Or maybe the studio may be taking more time than advisable and getting too comfortable with this idea that they're going to get 'er done 1-2-3?

Sounds like it's officially time to start getting concerned that the film could end up being a piece of crap.

Another reason to worry: Variety notes that Hunnam is appealing to the studios, because he's a rising star with a reasonable price tag. A hot actor with Brad Pitt potential who isn't going to ask for zillions. Uh oh ...

I get that Focus and Universal don't want to spend an arm and a leg, but it seems like they may also be taking a major risk by going with mostly unknowns. Will Hunnam and, say, Dakota Johnson as Ana actually be able to carry the film? Are they going to have any recognizable faces among the cast, or go for Lifetime movie-level actors to be budget-friendly? Ugh!

All of this paired with the fact that interest in the movie is waning, because fans are merely getting burned out waiting for it is a potential recipe for DISASTER. All I'm saying is -- let's not be surprised if the whole thing ends up going up in Gigli/Glitter-esque flames.

Are you troubled by how long they seem to be dragging their feet with casting and the possibility that they're going for a "budget-friendly" cast?

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randamda randamda

Back off Hunnan! He is both sexy and talented as hell! Brad Pitt is old, ugly, and a terrible actor. He has the same personality in every role he has been in, a douche! Except for true romance, where he's a drug addict.

youth... youthfulsoul

I think with a hair dye job he would be just fine, although I had never thought of him as Christian. I'm pretty sure he's done the whole nude thing before so there's that.

TamiG... TamiGWilkerson

I think having a cast not that expensive is not necessarily a bad thing. I have seen some of the highest paid actors that can't act worth a lick, but they are considered eye candy so it sells. I would rather watch an Indie movie any day over some of the stuff out at movies nowadays. I have seen more passion in the actors who aren't paid as much as the ones who are arrogant and get paid alot to do a job not very entertaining to the public,as long as they get paid. Use the next expendables movie where Bruce Willis wanted paid more then the others and Sylvester Stallone brought someone else in because of Bruce acting high and mighty and refuse to pay more and blasted it on twitter too! It doesn't pay to have the supposed A list actors giving a mediocre presentation, then someone who is hungry with passion that will give you a great performance on screen.

nonmember avatar ts.Alex

Oh... I'll be totally disappointed if the film ends up like a crap :( And with me billion of women around the world. Please studio.., make the story look as flawless as in the book...

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

The film is going to end up a piece of crap because the book is a piece of crap. And if you are worried about waning interest, blame yourself. Ten posts a day about the book and movie and you're shocked that people are burnt out on hearing about it??

Sapphire Bushway

I don't think Dakota would be a good Ana.....

nonmember avatar Janacc01

Dakota terrible Ana. Looks older than should nd looks worn. Hunnan in my opinion lacks the sexy dark look that Christian should have. Nice body though.

peach... peachpies

These are two of the WORST names I've seen rumored for this film thus far! I agree that going to near unknowns is a HORRIBLE idea. The fans make or break the success of this movie, and from the most part I see people DO NOT think these two fit the characters. Dakota looks NOTHING like Anastasia! She doesn't even have big eyes or her innocent look and she does look too mature. Charlie even with dyed hair won't look a thing like Christian, and I'm sorry but he truly is not attractive enough. They need to fork over the money for a more known actor (doesn't have to be a mega star!) because this film will make more money that way and will carry the next 2 films with a higher budget and they can pay their bigger named actors more money at that point.

nonmember avatar christina

Charlie is hardly an unknown actor. He has plenty of fans from Sons of Anarchy and from his role in Pacific Rim. I never thought about him being Christian but I could totally see it now.

Kay7684 Kay7684

I wish folk would get off their high horses about this Fifty Shades. Shut your rap already, millions and millions are raving about this book, naff off if you don't like it, stop reading the 'ten posts a day' if you really and truly are sick of it all.

Just make the movie already and let us Fifty lovers decide if its crap, the rest of you shuttle off and make your snide comments elsewhere!

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