New Adrienne Maloof Divorce Details Make Paul Nassif Seem Like He’s Hiding Something

adrienne and paulAll right, so this is weird. Remember those photos Adrienne Maloof's chef and sidekick, Bernie Guzman, released? The ones where Adrienne appears to be bruised and battered, and the accompanying allegations claim that her husband, Paul Nassif, is the one who did that to her? Well, Paul sued Bernie, right, because when someone makes a claim like that -- if it's not true -- it's really messed up. Well, now TMZ is reporting that Paul has dropped those charges against Bernie, and has thrown in the towel on a few other things in his acrimonious divorce battle with Adrienne.

Something's fishy here.

In addition to dropping his case against Bernie, Paul has folded on asking Adrienne to pay his attorney fees. He has agreed to let Gavin, one of his sons who has learning and attention issues, attend a "regular" school like Adrienne wanted, as opposed to a specialized one like he originally was fighting for.

The thing that's most surprising to me, though, is Paul's dropping his case against Bernie. How do you not sue someone who posted such awful things about you for all the world to see if they're not true? I mean, could they be true? We've certainly never heard or seen anything that would make us believe that's the case? I guess anything's possible -- and domestic violence is nothing that should be taken lightly -- but, I don't know. As of now, I'm kind of more of the belief that something is going on behind the scenes than Paul is admitting to something this awful.

One thing's for sure, though, Paul and Adrienne's divorce is one of the ugliest we've seen in a while. I can't imagine these two will ever get along again. And that's kinda sad for the kids. They have children acting as their parents.

What do you think of Paul dropping the charges against Bernie?


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Chana... Chanandler.Bong

Even though he's a successful plastic surgeon, she's worth a lot more than him. It's just as logical to think that there's a money exchange here than to assume he is guilty. I'm guessing he can't match her lawyers, and they're going to come to an agreement soon. As for the Bernie thing, if the court rules against Bernie, it would pretty much implicate Adrienne in it as well, since they were both "in it" together. Therefore, it's in Adrienne's best interest for that lawsuit to be dropped as well.

Barbara Schuima

He is just sick of it all and wants it done.

Monica Buchanan

She's got something even bigger on him!


Dee Knowlton

Oh come on.I can't C her  letting any man hit on her .Thats pure crap !They took pic's because she was running another man & wanted something 2 fight with .Bernie know's where the money REALLY is & he wanted 2 keep his job .He would suck her friggin toe's if she wanted him 2 .He is just tired of it all & has found A good woman & wants 2 move on.I mean enough with her crap already .I liked her until I C the way she treated Paul .He is A better man then she is woman !!

.She won't find another man that will put up with her crap .If she end's up alone ,oh well .Oh wait ,some young guy will want 2 live off her so ,no worries 4 her .

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