Desiree Hartsock's Reaction to Breakup Rumors Is Doing Her More Harm Than Good

Des and Chris

It was only a matter of time before the tabloids started speculating about the status of their relationship, and now In Touch is reporting that Bachelorette Desiree Harstock and Chris Siegfried are already over.

Apparently they're crediting Des's new scaled-back lifestyle in Seattle for the demise of the engagement. And by scaled-back I mean the fact that they're doing normal couple things, like shopping for furniture instead of climbing mountains, repelling down the side of buildings, and staying in hotel rooms that cost several thousands of dollars a night.

Oh, and Des and Chris are reportedly sharing a car too, which has her all bent out of shape because Chris drives it to work and leaves her "stranded." (What? Like she can't walk?)

And of course, Des is not exactly pleased with the rumors being spread about her and Chris, so she took to Twitter to defend their love. She said, "Wow! Crazy what can be made up. New In Touch Cover: Claim #Bachelorette @DesHartsock + @ChrisRSiegfried Split"

Ok, so I guess this means the two of them are still very much together and that there's no merit to the breakup claims.

But if Des really wants things with Chris to work out, she should probably quit paying attention to the tabloids and turn a blind eye to them altogether; otherwise, she's bound to drive herself crazy.

It's only been like two-and-a-half weeks since her engagement to Chris was revealed. This is probably only the first in a whole slew of breakup rumors that are bound to surround them for the next few months or so. And it's something every single Bachelor and Bachelorette couple has had to endure after their season of the show. It's almost like a rite of passage or something -- and the only way to survive it is to suck it up and ignore the reports completely.

By getting defensive, Des is only creating more heartache for herself. Letting these rumors bother her could eventually lead to her and Chris breaking up for real because of the pressure of having a high-profile relationship. If she can't learn to take a deep breath and let stuff like this roll off her shoulders now, there's no way she's going to be able to deal with what's to come in the coming months.

Do you think these breakup rumors are true?


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Diane Johnson Messina


Carol Cromer

Des - ignore the comments; live your life.  We all deal with opinions of others; yours is just very public. 

April Howard

Ignore the rumors and comments just people boed with their lives! wish you guys all the happiness in the world

Jenny Vanek

Maybe you need to stop writing articles like this, which are leading to the tabloids, and such.  Stop being rumor mongers, and spreading garbage!  Let them live their lives in peace!

Donna DeMartino

I have no idea how it's gonna last. Chris had to watch the show, and see that all he was was "sloppy seconds" Chris is a GREAT guy and deserves better!

Jan Lassandro

no they should let  them alone!


Nancy Castle

How do I text a "raspberry".  I watched the basics of this season, because Des seemed like a great person.  Sloppy seconds, 2nd choices, etc. etc. don't mean anyone.  It is useless to say leave them alone, as it won't happen.  Des and Chris appear to be a strong couple.  I say yea for them.  Raspberries for this article. 

nonmember avatar Anne Clark

Writers need to get a life, do charity work, more yoga, not become a bully. Life is short, be real and pay forward kindness not smut about what is new and no one knows. Des & Chris, 2 people planting seeds...............let them grow..................Tend your own garden and make it happy. You only have one chance. Choose your words thoughtfully.

Carol Parks

What GARBAGE this story is. I don't believe a word of it. Des has plenty of money, if she wants a car, she will buy one. For all we know, they both may have their own cars, these tabloids never use facts, & lie all the time. Hollywood is NOT in Seattle. So, no doubt they are making stuff up. 

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