'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock May Already Be Losing Herself in Her New Relationship

desiree hartsock chris siegfried seahawks gameAlmost every day since making their debut as a couple, former Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and fiance Chris Siegfried seem to have been enjoying romantic dates galore. They've gone to the beach, gone hiking, checked out the full, blue moon, and even attended a Seattle Seahawks game, donning matching jerseys to honor the "12th Man."

Desiree even took to Twitter to declare, "New city. New team. @chrisrsiegfried Go hawks!" Ah jeeeze. My heart sinks a little reading that. It sounds like she's falling into a common but really unhealthy relationship trap. I really don't believe in giving up your own allegiances for your partner!

My now-husband and his brother both play on amateur hockey leagues and consider themselves loyal New Jersey Devils fans. Yes, I moved to New Jersey, but did I relinquish my identity as a Chicago Blackhawks fan? Hell no! I've just been a transplant, rooting for them from the east coast.

But I'm not just talkin' sports here, either. I'm talking any passion. Giving up anything you care strongly about for a new relationship is a no-no! It's sacrificing part of your identity. And for what? To fit in better in your new city? To bond more with your partner? Come on. Hopefully they fell for you because you are who you are. You shouldn't have to trade in your interests for theirs to prove anything! 

Granted, maybe Des really couldn't have cared less about L.A. or Colorado teams, so she wasn't letting go so much as gaining something by declaring herself a Seahawks fan. Let's hope it's the case. Because if it's not, she may be losing herself in this relationship, and that's even more depressing than thinking she settled for a runner-up.

What's a passion you refused to give up for your partner?


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Carol Parks

Beyond stupid article. She is designing her own wedding dress line. I hardly think that rooting for a sports team, is losing your idenity. I doubt she was into any sports team before. Chris was her choice, not second best, but THE BEST PERIOD. They both are so in love, & happy, yet articles that spout garbage like this come out now so they can try & sell their lies & make a profit. I'm so glad they are in Seattle, & not in L.A., where these types of articles, broke up people in the past. Chris and Des are very happy & in love, & grounded in Seattle, away from Hollyweird. 

Cathy Neumann-Bearse

I am really starting worry about you as a writer!  If you sole purpose is to anihalate these couples and try to find fault then you are doing your job ... but why on earth would you want that to be your "sole purpose"?  These people mean you no harm why do you mean harm for them? Please stop senseless crap you are reporting and like my Grammy used to say " if you don't have anything nice to say-SAY NOTHING!"

Sandy Wowk Condrey

I do not see where she is giving up. Or giving into anything! She never proclaimed her self to be any certain sports team fan. I think it's awesome that they can finally go out in public and do things together. Really learn more about each other with out all the dang cameras.. Good for them, I wish them all the best ! <3

Terry Lynn Taylor

They both look very Happy> leave them alone !

nonmember avatar Lindsay

So i am,not going to talk about how i feel about the article im just going to answer the question you asked in the article... I for no one will ever give up Jesus! I learned my lesson the hard way truth be tild our identity you mention in this article doesnt come from interest or opinion but from and by the Creator...its something we can only find...its never been lost He has been pursuing us all along we simply just have to recieve Christ love...every relationship outside Christ will fail if He doesnt have a relationship with you...God has to be first...He will only put up with 2nd place so long....and i for one will never put Jesus through it again...no man ...nothing compares to our Creator...to the Savior of the world...that is the true love story...i pray you alll will join that adventure ;-)

Nancy Castle

To answer the question, my husband and I have given up a lot for the betterment of our marriage over the years. Somethings, like my piano, were harder than others to give up. We moved, it didn't. End of story. I found other ways of making music. Besides, just because it is a new team doesn't mean she forgot about an old favorite. You haven't considered that what makes a couple's relationship work is compromise. Individual wants and needs are important, but more important are the wants and needs of individuals as couples. I don't think that loyalty to any one particular team should be more important than a couples relationship. Besides, as already said - big deal! It's their business.

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