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Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra Couples TherapyCouples Therapy had its finale tonight on VH1, and you know what that means. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom fame are back to being former reality stars. Darnit!!

But wait, there is good news! Unlike rapper Chingy and girlfriend Temple Poteat, who ended the show by ending their relationship entirely, Catelynn and Tyler are not over.

In fact, Tyler had something surprising to say about his cancelled wedding.

According to Tyler, calling off their engagement hasn't changed the "dynamic" of his relationship with Catelynn, nor has it changed the love.

The latter I get. You don't have to be married to love one another.

The former, on the other hand, is pretty amazing. It takes a strong person to be able to go from planning a wedding to a cancelled wedding with no hard feelings or change in the relationship.

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But then, we have seen some amazing examples of the strength inside both Catelynn and Tyler on Couples Therapy this season -- from the very first episode when they kept it classy when handling Flavor Flav degrading their decision to choose adoption to the most recent episode when Cate opened up to her mom about her childhood pain.

The main thing we can take away from this season of Couples Therapy is that Catelynn and Tyler are survivors. They got through horrific childhoods. They got through the trauma of a teenage pregnancy. They got through the adoption process. They got through a broken engagement. There's not much they can't do now.

The other thing we can take away? Catelynn and Tyler make for good television!

Not just dramatic television -- although there's been some of that this season, most of it came from Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis, who had to leave the couples house early -- but really good, heart-warming, life-affirming television.

We watch Catelynn and Tyler on TV because we can see they're good kids who you can't help but root for.

So they may not be getting married today or tomorrow, but someday we see it happening ... and we sure as heck want to see them back on television!

Would you watch another Catelynn and Tyler reality show?


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nonmember avatar Renae

I like them a lot, always have. I don't know if I'd watch a show about them (depends on what it was about). They seem to be good, authentic people despite having traumatic child and "adult hoods". Tyler is seemingly on another level of awesomeness and compassion that is hard to find in someone so young. It's great to see.

sober... soberorose81

You know, as much as I "hate" to admit it, I very much enjoy this couple, for many of the reasons listed, but also just because they're so REAL with everything.  And yes, I do believe they are amazing survivors and definitely have a tremendously strong bond/relationship.  Essentially, they are kind of like the epitome of how people should take care of their issues instead of relishing in them, denying them, acting out from them, or any such nonsense that many usually do.

nonmember avatar leslie

I think that if Catelynn did not freak out and shut down the way she does when she thinks she is going to lose Tyler, that he would have been gone a long time ago. It would be nice for that to happen too, part of finding yourself is finding things in other people different from you that contribute to who you want to be. Being with someone who has gone through everything you have from chidhood and on kindof hinders that growth because there is always someone else that has to be considered.

Laura Champlain

Love them both,I'd definitely watch!

Spooky80 Spooky80

I dont think that they should have their own show because they both seem to try too hard to stay relevant and in the spot light and to me it seems like they did couples therapy for fame, ratings and money and honestly I think the whole "called off the wedding" stunt was just for publicity, I wouldnt be surprised if these 2 ran off and eloped on their "hiking trip" and didnt tell anyone, and I'm not saying that they are bad people but they just want to stay in the spot light and even though they will never admitt it they seem like they are in it for the money, fame, ratings and publicity

mamat... mamatreat

Of course they try hard to stay relevant and in the spot light!!! Neither one of them have any real world skills to get a decent job- especially not in Michigan where people with Bachelors degrees are working at Burger King.  They've made a ton of money since they first came to light, and they aren't being stupid with it either.  No boob jobs/cars they cant afford/drug or drinking problems or anything else.  They are capitalizing on being themselves- if I could do it I would. I think them being together and going through everything together has made their bond very strong- something most marriages lack these days.  Good for them for waiting and making such a responsible decision.

Spooky80 Spooky80

They sure did make a ton of money and they will continue to make a ton of money by doing what ever they can to be on tv I'm sure they will be on some other reality show, they should both just become actors because they both did a damn good job of acting on couple's therapy!! 

Deborah Allen

Grand daughter watches Teen Mom and as far as I can tell, these are the only two who came out stronger and more mature.

Isabella Kingston


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