'Princesses: Long Island' Ashlee White Recovering From a Stroke

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princesses long islandDuring the season finale of Princesses: Long Island, Ashlee White revealed that she had suffered a stroke the previous year, but the show didn't seem to convey the seriousness of her ailments. Because that tiny bit of information was just casually slapped onto the last 10 minutes of the finale, it was pretty difficult to take Ashlee seriously. In fact, it almost seemed like it was a ploy for Ashlee to get some sympathy from the other women and the audience.

Well, guess what? It was definitely not a ploy. Last week, Ashlee reportedly suffered her third stroke in only two years and is currently in recovery mode. According to a tweet from Casey Cohen last Tuesday, the same day she was hospitalized, Ashlee was already "in recovery, alert & re-learning to walk." Wow.

I can't even imagine what the White family must be going through. The repercussions of three strokes are too much for any family to experience

The good news is that it seems as if the other princesses have let go of any feuds they may have had with Ashlee and are rallying up behind her to help her get through this difficult time. The finale was pretty explosive, and we were left with a group of girls that were ripping at the seams, but it looks like this incident has brought them all together. Chanel had kind words to say about the whole incident:

Friendships aren't perfect, so despite any issues in the past year, my main priority is for her to get well and happy and be the best person she can be.

Even Joey, who was ready to end her friendship with Ashlee forever by the end of the season, admitted that it's "important to let go of the issues at a time like this." She better believe it's time to put all cat-fights aside. When a friend, whether she's a good one or not, is suffering, all arguments should be put to rest. At the end of the day, Ashlee's health is more important than any feud.

Do you think that Ashlee's stroke will mend the problems that Joey and Ashlee have with each other?


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Joanne Evars

boy you know your getting to old to live at home when you have your third stroke good God

nonmember avatar LisaAlexander

This girl Ashlee has to be the most annoying girl ever. She is so stupid and funny looking it's sad. Joey is the coolest girl and on another level and should not even consider being friends with the freak that gives LI a bad name, this comes from a Old Westbury girl

nonmember avatar Anthony

Hope the 4th one does the charm

nonmember avatar liza

she's a Loser!

nonmember avatar Sloane

I watched this show one time when my 13 year old daughter was watching it. When I saw the little tubby short girl I made my daughter turn off the show. I am born and raised on LI in 5 towns and I am Jewish and my husband does very well. But this girl make LI look so bad. I would never let my daughter act the way this girl does.

Shann... ShannonW212

Can I just say if one of my children came home with a girl like this girl Ashlee I would die! She is annoying on so many levels. When I was her age I had 2 children a husband and was a successful attorney. She needs help! And whatever is going on between her and her father. Just weird! 

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