Robert Pattinson's Sexy Dior Ad Teased in New Trailer -- Yes, His Ad Actually Has a Trailer (VIDEO)

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robert pattinson dior adRemember that Dior ad Robert Pattinson appears in, the one that's been teased all summer long? The one that was supposed to come out last month or something, but all we got so far are a bunch of stills? WELL! That damn ad is still not out yet. But -- we are being treated to a trailer of Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme ad. You wanna see it, right? Sit. Down. Now. I am going to show it to you.

I don't think we're ready for the sexy sexiness of this sexy ad. I DON'T THINK WE ARE. That's why Dior still hasn't released it to the public -- because we are simply not ready for the heat and perversity they desperately want to unleash upon us. That is why we've been getting nothing but crumbs -- until now. Witness -- MOAR stills of the Robert Pattinson Dior ad, but this time in this old-timey Steampunk-style slideshow format. Did I mention edgy (well, kind of establishment at this point, really) photographer Nan Goldin took these shots? Those of you with delicate sensibilities may want to hide your eyes.

Yeah, I know. I was kind of hoping for more, too.

You guys. Who makes a trailer for a commercial? A COMMERCIAL. Christsake, this is what we're doing now? We're making trailers for ads? This is almost as disturbing as sea waters rising, melting polar ice caps, that big swirling pile of plastic bags in the middle of the ocean. Bring on the four horsemen of the apocalypse, we're done here. Unless Dior can promise me we'll see the final ad at last the week after Labor Day? Come on, guys, how much longer can you drag this thing out?

What do you think of the Dior ad trailer?


Image via Dior

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nonmember avatar BO

I honestly don't understand how many times this has to be explained. But this vid WAS NOT made by Dior. It was made by a German site who received one of the Dior view-masters and decided to make a video of it. This is not official. Some people just need to bash for the sake of it I guess.

nonmember avatar GUEST

I'm over this whole ordeal...

Rita Curry

  I really could not see, one thing, it was so bad. Whoopee.blank stare

Audry Adams Huddleston

It was just like every thing else he has made or been in, it stinks to high heaven. Nothing about him or his movies or his ads are sexy in anything, he is just boring!!! With out Kristen he is nothing but a drunk ans a has been!!!!!

nonmember avatar Jun

Wait a minute, wait a minute, need to stop laughing over a teaser trailer for a commercial. But why is she nekkid and he's dressed? Is that where we're at in 2013 with advertising? No progress on that front I guess. [sigh]
There's something decidedly doughy and bland about this guy. Just think of anything edgy and forward-thinking - and then yeah, the opposite of that.

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