'50 Shades of Grey' Casting Is Almost Finished: Could These Stars Be Our Christian & Ana? (PHOTOS)

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dakota johnson brunetteIf you were to tweet at E.L. James today asking about Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting news, you'd probably still receive a snarky response about how they're still far off from making any sort of "final decision." And I'm sure that is probably still true. However, the latest buzz from a believable source leads us to believe that they're VERY close. So close in fact that we may have our Christian and Ana soon after Labor Day!

According to entertainment biz site TheWrap.com, casting is expected to wrap up within the next month, because filming needs to begin this fall. That's BIG -- huge! That means we're so close! And while they note that numerous people for both lead roles are under consideration, two names are floating around as very likely contenders: Dakota Johnson as Ana and Charlie Hunnam as Christian.   

You may remember Dakota as the cute co-ed who wakes up next to Justin Timberlake's Sean Parker in The Social Network. She also starred in the 21 Jump Street flick, The Five-Year Engagement, and the short-lived sitcom Ben and Kate. You may also know her as Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson's daughter!

As for Charlie ... well, he seems to have come out of the blue! The British actor starred as Jackson Teller in the FX series Sons of Anarchy and as Raleigh Becket in the film Pacific Rim. He's very Brad Pitt/Chris Hemsworth-ish. See?

charlie hunnam

Very BLONDE ... As is Dakota, usually, which isn't going to fly at least in the case of Ana, who is definitely brunette. But she's clearly dyed her hair for roles before (see above), and I'm sure Charlie would too.

Looks aside, I'm not sure if I see these two as our Ana and Christian ... But it's also hard to say, because they're both relatively "new," fresh, which is exactly what the casting directors want, it seems. In fact, TheWrap.com notes that Dakota fits the description the Fifty Shades folks have been looking for: 23, not quite a movie star (yet), acting credibility, and a rising feature career. But surely, she's not the only one up for the part and for whom those attributes apply. Still, it sounds like we won't have to wonder for much longer who will ultimately land the roles!

Do you think we'll hear within the next month or so? Thoughts on Dakota and Charlie?


Images via Frederick M. Brown & Frazer Harrison/Getty

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nonmember avatar Angel

Charlie Hunnam would be PERFECT for the role. I have been wishing for Ian Somerhalder but I believe that Charlie H. could do the job perfectly..

nonmember avatar ASHES

HE is only Jax Teller thats it..... this would ruin him. Sorry but the book was just OK not incredible in anyway.

dirty... dirtymoon

Charlie Hunnam is amazing, and I looooove him, but I don't see him as Christian Grey. We'll have to see, and hopefully if he's cast he'll do an amazing job.

Caroline Jones

mmm not to sure on him, but she looks like Ana


Cyndi Verrier

Definitely no!! NO!


nonmember avatar brittany

oh sweet jesus please !!!!!!! charlie is so amazing !!!!

nonmember avatar sandra

Definitely not her...emilia clarke is the one

Angelica Bracy

i wouldnt mind the chick but no for him no no and NO

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