'NSYNC Reunion Rumors Bring Back Memories of All Their Greatest, Cheesiest Hits (VIDEOS)

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NSyncAs we get closer and closer to Sunday, thus closer and closer to MTV's Video Music Awards, there's only one thing that everyone wants to talk about: the pending 'NSYNC reunion.

Rumors of a reunion sparked a couple days ago but are now taking the Internet by storm. Last Friday night, the entire crew, Justin Timberlake (obviously), J.C. Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick were all seen together at Justin's concert with Jay Z in Miami. It's certainly not much to go off of, and there's no confirmation that it's happening, but please FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS '90S LET IT HAPPEN.

Love 'em or hate 'em, as an adolescent over a decade ago, the Backstreet Boys vs. 'NSYNC battles sadly defined our generation. Their cheesy ballads and cheesy, frustratingly addicting dance songs took over the pop scene as I was growing up. And who could forget Justin's hair back in the day? Of course you want to listen to their greatest hits all over again in light of this news!

Come on, who didn't know (and perhaps try in public) that hilarious dance to "Bye Bye Bye"? Oh, memories.


Gotta love 'em. What else can you say? This reunion really has to happen. Here are some of their hits that will surely be a really, really fun blast from the past:

Obviously had to include this one:

"It's Gonna Be Me" is an annual staple every time May rolls around ("it's gonna be May").

Ah, the matching outfits and haircuts in "Tearin' Up My Heart":

I seriously can't wait for a whole new generation to judge what we old fogies liked back when we were in high school. Note Justin's amazing ramen noodle hair. Makes me hungry. 'NSYNC infamously in rehab in "I Drive Myself Crazy":

You know you're going to have "Pop" in your head the rest of the damn day. Sorry:

Finally, 'NSYNC belting out a love ballad full of cliches in the middle of a forest. Ah, the good old days. Here's "This I Promise You":

Would you tune in to the VMAs to watch an 'NSYNC reunion?


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nonmember avatar Crystal

this would be utterly amazing :)

nonmember avatar MammaMel

my life would be complete <3

nonmember avatar VirgoGal36

I would totally tune in JUST for the 'N Sync performance...especially since I have no other interest in the awards show beyond that :).

Stasi... Stasiaandkksmom

Ooo I so hope this happens!!!

Camped out for 26+hours to meet them back in the day and it was SOOO worth it 😀

nonmember avatar Maris

I'm just so glad that the Backstreet Boys are still together, still making NEW music and videos and still touring so I can go crazy at their concerts!

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