Gia Allemand Was Reportedly on Phone With Her Mom When She Died

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Gia AllemandNew information is coming out now about the hours surrounding the tragic suicide of The Bachelor star Gia Allemand. Gia was found by her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, after she hung herself in her home. TMZ reports that the suicide came on the same day that Ryan and Gia had a fight, and Ryan reportedly told her he "didn't love" her anymore.

TMZ also reports that, horrifically, Gia was on the phone with her mother when she killed herself. Apparently the phone went silent and her mom tried communicating with her for 10 minutes, but Gia had gone and wrapped a vacuum cleaner cord around her neck and hung herself from the staircase of her home in New Orleans.

Ryan came back later to check on her and found her.

I can't imagine what Ryan and Gia's mom are going through. They both loved her, and they both were right there when she died.

No one can fathom what is going on in the mind of the person who kills herself or himself. Only that person can. They may feel hopeless and distraught. Some may feel clear-headed and in control.

Others may feel nothing at all. Just a desire to stop. Have it all stop.

Her boyfriend and her mother will live with this forever. Hopefully they will learn to forgive themselves for anything they feel they did.

Please remember if you or anyone you love is thinking about suicide, there is help. Please call 1-800-273-TALK.

Have you ever dealt with suicide?


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Coles... Coles_mom

The boyfriend obviously didn't love her anymore. That's probably what caused her suicide. So very sad. Especially for her mom.

nonmember avatar TF

This does not make me feel sorry for Gia at all. How evil to do that to her mother. Those who choose the cowards way out are "romanticized" by the media. Sorry I feel no pity. We all go through tragic times but we get past it for the sake of others. My 28 year old brother, professional athlete, married with a newborn took the cowardly way out and left behind the rest of us to make sense out of his weakness. I personally pray he is rotting in hell. Call me heartless, a bitch, callous but I am not the one who left a newborn daughter and beautiful spouse to pick up the pieces.

worki... workingmama86

So the mom was on the phone with her during the suicide, she tried communicating with her for 10 mins after the phone went silent... and never received a response. And yet, the mom didn't rush over there, or didn't call the cops to go over there? Clearly she knew something bad was happening if she tried to communicate with her for that 10 mins... And yet she didn't do anything about it? Am I getting this right?


nonmember avatar sad enough

It's sad that it happened. People fight move on. That's how life goes. Yes this is tragic.

From what it seems though is this story conflicts with previous ones that's say she was on life support in the hospital and now you're saying her boyfriend found her dead??? So which is it really?

Isn't it time to let her family and friend grieve at this point???

Bren Thomas

I understand that she had a fight with the father and wasn't talking, I get that the boyfriend decided to move on, but I have no pity for the way she chose to leave this world. She had so much opportunity going for her and I am sorry but no man or woman is worth ending a life for, unless it's to spare someone else's. She had opportunities from being on the shows and she is obviously a beautiful woman, she had other choices. It's awful that those she left behind have to pick up the pieces and make sense of it all. It's really a pity she felt she wasn't strong enough to enjoy what God gave her in life.

nonmember avatar Emily

From the moment I heard this story, something in my gut has been strongly telling me it's all wrong. I personally believe that she did NOT commit suicide. Gia was full of life and loving it. I think there's DEFINITELY foul play here and a "suicide" cover up has been presented rather well. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to wrap a cord around someones neck, strangle them to death, and then use the same cord to hang them... I firmly believe she didn't die at her own decision.

nonmember avatar Wyatt's Mom

You all forget, this is a state of mind. Suicide is not like a random thought like.. oh well, I will just go kill myself.. It stems from a deep dark depressive state and a mindset that you cannot escape. I hope you all never understand what it's like to feel this, I did however years ago. Medication, love and understanding is the way out. Please don't hate someone for a mindset that they cannot get out without help.

nonmember avatar Karen

wow TF, no empathy from you. i understand that you were left with a mess, but have you never thought of what your brother struggled with before he killed himself? people who do this are not in an okay state of mind whenthey do this, they are at their wit's end....literally. your poor brother & all those who felt so badly they feel suicide is the only option. please get help if you need it!

Patty Corns Shotzman

Who are we to say he did not love her anymore?  Have we heard those words out of his mouth? If he didn't why did he go to check on her when he found her?   Feel sorry for her mom?  Phone was silent it says for 10 minutes ... why did the mother not call 911?  Either or could have possibly saved her life .  This is all so sad        If the mom would have been able to cALL 911   or the boyfriend would have got there just a  half hour sooner ........  :(    RIP  GIA    pRAYERS TO HER FAMILY, BOYFRIEND AND ALL THAT LOVED HER !

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

Emily, medical professionals can tell the difference between strangulation and hanging. Many suicidal people seem to be loving life, sometimes putting on a happy face is a full time job when you are battling depression.

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