'RHOOC's Brooks Ayers Threatens to 'Beat' Vicki Gunvalson in Secret Tape Recording (LISTEN)

I have a confession to make. I have sort of been pulling for Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers to stay together, if for no other reason than to piss off her fellow housewives and family. I really can't stand the way they tell her how to live her life, while they aren't such great partner pickers themselves. On the show's finale, it started to become apparent to everyone that Vicki's son-in-law didn't have her best interests at heart as he bossed her around her own home and brutally lashed out at one of her guests.

Suddenly all of Ryan's dire warnings about how terrible Brooks is became suspect. Vicki finally told both Briana and Ryan that she was going to date Brooks whether they liked it or not. But now a secret tape recording has emerged that will throw Brooks back into his usual smarmy light. He was reportedly secretly recorded drunkenly saying that he was going to "f**king beat" Vicki's ass!

RadarOnline got ahold of the tape, which they swear is Brooks, and according to them, he's talking to Ryan. The convo goes like this:

Brooks: Bitch, like she's never done it before, ever.

Ryan: You'll be all right.

Brooks: F**king whore.

Brooks: I'm a f**king beat her ass when I see her.

Ryan: No. That ain't right. You can't beat her up.

Brooks: I'm going to beat her ass. That's what we do in the South.

On the face of it, these words are horrific. And no wonder Vicki ended up splitting up with him again.

But after listening to the tape, it sounds to me like a guy just talking shit. Idiotic shit, yes. But he doesn't sound serious in the slightest. He's kind of laughing, and apparently a little drunk, and probably thinks Ryan is his pal and will get his little jokes about "beating" Vicki's ass. Sometimes words are just words, even if they are crass ones.

Plus, it's so obvious how Ryan is setting him up to say things that he can later play to Vicki.

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe he's an abuser. But after seeing Ryan in action on the finale, I don't trust him either. I think Ryan and Brooks are in a battle to take advantage of Vicki, and Ryan is winning.

What do you think of this tape?

Image via Bravo

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katyq katyq


youth... youthfulsoul

He's a dirtbag through and through.

Susan Harrison

I think Ryan is a total piece of CRAP and liar and Brooke is a SLIME BALL

Cara Duro Quinones

I think what I've always thought:  That Brooks is a lying, sneaky piece of shit.  And Ryan isn't all we thought he was either!!!  Never, ever liked brooks.  Always seemed to me that he was playing Vicki.

Barbara Ann Sasek Harvey

I think Ryan needs to cool it and Vicky needs to get away from Brooks,he looks like a user and I don't TRUST Him, I think Vicky can do better then that. She just needs to take her time and right now quite worring about a MAN, She will find one when she not looking better then Brook, and Ryan needs to stay out of Vicky Bussiness or I would put him out.

dez0717 dez0717

I was really shocked at how Ryan reacted at the party, he was WAY out of line. Which brings us to this conversation, I totally believe that Ryan taped this to set Brooks up. Both of these guys are assholes.These ladies need to evaluate thier choices in men. It is ultimately thier decsion. I just hope if Brianna stays with Ryan she puts his ass in his place about his actions she never fails to call anyone else out. And last I had read Vickie and Brooks are over let's hope they keep it that way.

Leslie McGuinn

I dont believe that is Brooks! First of all Ryan wouldn't be talking to Brooks like that! Meaning, he was being way to nice to him. Ryan can't stand him! I think that Ryan put someone up to saying that and acting like Brooks, because he and Brianna don't like him! Ryan is a piece of shit!!


Dee Knowlton

I don't believe that was Ryan & Brooks either .And if it was then Ryan was setting him up .They both R A holes !Brooks is using Vicki all the way .I used 2 c her as a strong woman but lately she hasn't been acting like it .I believe she had been running @ with him a lot longer then what we have seen.Bre said not long ago that they had been .I remember when she was yakking about her luv tank all the time & finally Don said 'I am tired of hearing about ur luv tank" .I mean the poor man ate it 4 breakfast ,lunch & supper. she was always gone & then she started being mean 2 Don ,I knew right then she was up 2 something .She will B sorry because Don was A good man but now he doesn't want her back & problay never wants 2 take her domineering crap again .She tried 2 wear the pants in that marriage & I am pretty sure he isn't letting that happen again .Bet he has an awesome gal now that treats him the way he shoulb b !!U screwed up Vicki !!I can't stand any man that has the enjoyment of making children but doesn't want 2 support them .C Vic ,when U go @ running ur mouth about ppl it has A way of coming back at cha .Does Slade have A reason 2 B mad ,oh ya U bet he does !!Tear A man apart in front of the world & then date A man that does the same thing .I used 2 like her but now my thoughts R changing .Sorry vic ,u made ur bed !!wonder if she paid his child support off .bet she did ,what A dang fool she is !


Elisabeth Estrada

I believe that Brooks and Ryan are both nuts and Briana should dump his butt before she gets her ass kicked by Soldier Ryan  that's I believe is going to happen.  Brooks is all talk he should be afraid of Vicki.

Michael Lissack

brooks phone number and email are in the court papers so now we all can text and email the scumbag phone is 949-728-8972 email is BAyers01@aol.com

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