6 Things Brandi Glanville's New Boyfriend Should Expect While Dating Her

brandi glanvilleSince Brandi Glanville has become a reality TV star, there is only one romantic relationship she is known for. That would, of course, be her marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian, who cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes. As everyone well knows, he has clearly moved on, marrying the country crooner. Brandi, however, has remained single ... that is, until now. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star admitted she has a new man via Twitter. While we are happy for her, we do feel obligated to warn her beau about what he's in for.

Brandi has yet to reveal the name of her Mr. Right Now, but in recent weeks, she has been linked to NFL star Drew Carter (she denies they are an item). Whoever the guy is, here is what he needs to know to survive.

  1. In the world of the Real Housewives, there is no such thing as a relaxed evening out with friends. Every single party, dinner, or get-together will undoubtedly end in a fight.
  2. You can't trust anyone. Someone will come to your house, drink your wine, and be your bestie one day, then talk trash behind your back the next day. The husbands and boyfriends do it too!
  3. Be ready to be hated. Inevitably, someone will not like you and have no problem letting you know it.
  4. You will get sick of the cameras in your face all the time. But even more annoying is how everything will be edited to look far more dramatic than it really is.
  5. You will be thrust in the middle of Brandi's ongoing feud with LeAnn Rimes. And you better take her side every time if you want to keep her happy.
  6. If and when you split up, she will talk shit about you for seasons to come.

What other things should Brandi's mystery man expect to come out of this relationship?


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nonmember avatar sandy

Oof--way to tell it like it is. Gosh: While reading the list, the insanity of the RH franchise became even more clear. We (I, too) gravitate toward these heated exchanges and dynamics?! What the heck is wrong with all of us that we want to watch such negative extremes of human behavior? Hey, this is a wake up call for me as much as anyone else. As for Brandi: Gotta say, I am one to pull for the lady; I think that she has gotten a raw deal and been misunderstood more often than not. That said, when she has been in the wrong, she is pretty quick to admit it and try to correct it. She has many facets, as do most women; difference is she lets 'em all shine. So, stark realities of "reality" TV aside, I think any man who can appreciate her complexities, and stick by her side during hard times ultimately will be one lucky guy.

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