Ian Somerhalder Looks Like He's Madly in Love With His 'New Girl' (PHOTO)

ian somerhalderLooks like Ian Somerhalder's got himself a new bitch. The Vampire Diaries actor, and Fifty Shades hopeful, posted a photo to Instagram, showing off the new love of his life: A dog he's named Nietzsche. The pup apparently is a stray that was found wandering around in traffic near The Vampire Diaries set. Ian captioned the photo of himself and his dog: "My new girl. Rescued from traffic near The Vampire Diaries stages just a few hours ago -- so smart, so beautiful & charming -- all a man could ask for in a girl. So happy together. Her name is Nietzsche."

And then millions of girls melted into puddles of goo, their liquid selves slipping down into sewers and shower drains. And now there's a weird Ian Somerhalder fan club underground.

Sometimes, it actually seems like Ian Somerhalder is a caricature of himself. Or a character in a Saturday Night Live sketch: Sensitive Guy. Not only did Ian just adopt a stray pup (who he named Nietzsche), dude plans on opening a center for abused animals. He actually at one point said: "We're building an animal sanctuary that's also going to double as a sustainable agriculture farm and triple as a youth education camp. When a young person comes to that farm, they leave with a different understanding of compassion." I mean, come on. Is this man for real? He's like Feminist Ryan Gosling incarnate!

Whatever Ian's doing (being hot), he needs to keep it up (continue being hot). Not only is he melting hearts with his whole Sensitive Guy persona, he truly has convinced the world he's the only man who can play Christian Grey. At this point, if the role winds up going to someone else, I wouldn't be surprised if there were riots.

Riots that Ian would peacefully protest. Swoon.

Who do you think should play Christian Grey?


Image via Ian Somerhalder/Twitter

fifty shades of grey


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Karissa Randle

i wish i could have him for christmas......................

Patricia Hyde

IAN AND ONLY IAN.....Did I mention that it should be IAN??

Jessica Young

He has to play Christian no questions asked

Robyn Lefever

i wonder if this is the same dog that paul pulled out of the traffic and also was saying he found in the traffic around the set. wonder if paul saved it out of traffic and it hung around and then ian adopted it. i just wonder how his kittys are going to take to the new girl also.

Micaela Prior

Ian as CG <3333333333


Amanda Trivett

awe arent they adorable Ian is the only one who could ever take on this part hes got the attitude he has the sexual rage about him u cant teach another man to b that way Ian is perfect

Rhonda Georgetts-Smith

IAN SOMERHOLDER!!!!!!!Perfect...gorgeous,beautiful....need I go on?!!! come on I know Im not the only one that see this!!


Heidi Strode

Oh he would be completely perfect for the part. I would have to say, if he doesn't make the part, I most likely will not watch it. He's just so damn dreamy omg! LOL. I feel like a teenager with the crush I have on this man lol. but shhh don't tell my husband! (he already knows lol)

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