'Teen Mom 3' Star Briana DeJesus Isn't Afraid of Being Criticized

Briana DeJesusWhen MTV aired its 16 & Pregnant episode featuring Briana DeJesus, they weren't just showing the life of one Florida teenager. Briana has a sister, Brittany, who also got pregnant in her teens. But while Briana chose to carry her daughter Nova to term, her sister had an abortion. Their story showed two very different choices with two very different consequences, and now we get to see the two paths these sisters have taken on Teen Mom 3.

Briana has joined the cast of the show premiering on August 26, and so has Brittany, albeit in a supporting role as she is not technically a teen mom because of her choice. Briana sat down with The Stir to talk about what she has been up to in the year since the show was taped and why she isn't worried about Teen Mom haters:

On her decision to join the Teen Mom 3 cast:

I did 16 & Pregnant for a reason; I had a story to tell. My sister had an abortion; I decided to keep my baby, and my episode basically shows the viewers you have choices, and every choice you make, there's still gonna be hardships.

After 16 & Pregnant aired, I had such positive feedback, and MTV decided people really liked my story. I'm pretty sure people still want to see me grow, so they offered me the position, and I was like, might as well go with it.

On her fears about the viewers criticizing her:

I know myself, and I know I'm responsible, respectful. I know I'm a good mom.

On her sister, Brittany, being forced to open up about her abortion for the show:

That was hard for her; that's a sensitive topic that she doesn't really like to talk about. I'm glad that she was able to open up, and now she's the best sister, the best aunt to Nova. She's so supportive. I thought she would be very sad to see me with Nova and grow, but she's actually happy for me and Nova. She's happy for herself that she can still watch a baby grow up.

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On being compared to the other Teen Moms:

I don't like that. I feel like I'm Briana, that's Katie, and Alex, and Mackenzie. I don't feel like ... we're the same, but we're different in so many ways.

On her relationship with ex-boyfriend (and father of her daughter) Devoin Austin: 

Devoin is Devoin, still the same old Devoin. He's still up and down; he doesn't know if he wants to be a father or not. There are days where he'll try and then there are weeks where I won't hear from him. It came to the point where I was like if you're not going to put your full attention and your all into your daughter, you're wasting my time and you're wasting her time.

Kids need structure, and if you don't have any of that, there's no reason for you to have kids.

I don't need him. I have my mom, my sister. Nova's going to be OK. I'm going to teach Nova when she grows up that you don't need a man; you can do this on your own, and it's a living proof when she sees those videos.

On the strong women in her life, helping her:

I don't know what I'd do without my mom. My mom is like my lifeline. If I didn't have my mom, where would me and Nova be?

My mom supports me, but she doesn't raise my child. What she put through my head when I told her I wanted to keep her was "I will help you when I can, but this is your child, and you need to take care of her. I'm not taking care of her." Still to this day, she doesn't overdo it.

She's a busy woman and it's not my mom's responsibility to take care of my child. It's my child, my responsibility.

Did you watch Briana on 16 & Pregnant? What are you looking forward to seeing on Teen Mom 3?


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Marcela Blunck Bowidowicz

She sounds like a wonderful and very responsible young mother. You go lady!

shell... shellyplatz

One of my favorites! She has a good head on her shoulders!

Emily Daniels

It is really great to hear about a Teen Mom actually getting her head on straight and taking responsibility for her child and for herself. I got pregnant at 19, so I can relate to an extent. My parents originally were not supportive of my keeping the baby. But they came around. They have helped me out in the past, when I was younger. I am 29 years old now. I had my oldest and only daughter at 20 years old. I had my second child and oldest son at 22. My youngest child and 11 month old son I had at 28, last September. I'm so lucky that my soulmate and the love of my life ended up coming into my life before we had our first child, when we were 19 and 20 years old. Now, we have 3 children together and our 10 year anniversary is in October. 


Having a great support system is key in having children young. If not for my sister and my mom and stepdad, I honestly don't know where we'd have ended up. We got our life together and have been independent of financial help since our second child was born. If I could tell young people one thing, it would be to use birth control and make sure that its LOVE...anything less than love isn't worth what you're giving up! Also, if you find yourself in the position of being a young mother/parent, always always always do the best you can for your kid! They have to come first, and you come second, for the rest of your life!! Live, laugh, love and BE SAFE!

nonmember avatar Sara

I don't think what she is doing to Nova's father is right. He WANTS to be a part of her life, there are some guys who don't even give that much. She wants it all to be on her terms and it doesn't work that way. I hope he slaps her with a custoday suit.

nonmember avatar lady

I love briana and her mother! she is doing the right thing when it comes to nova's dad. he thinks seeing her once every month mean something! it doesn't and since he wants to be a part time father he can get to stepping! Good job bri keep raising nova like you are ! :-)

Sherina Lott

I love her and the positive energy she and her family has.The baby dad it is what is "dead beat" My question is were is his family they dont care that why he act's the way he do he didn't home training keep up the good work. I love to see how you and Nova doing....

nonmember avatar Ob

Am i the ony one that notices how hypocritical her mother and sister are? He sister sits there and critiizes and makes judement on Briana when she really needs to just shut up. Who is she to tell someone how to be a mother when she couldn't handle it herself? As for the mom..she has her focus on the wrong daughter. Briana is being responsible, on birth control, and not going out with guys constantly like her sister who is not protected and has already had one abortion. Wtf is the mother thinking letting her LESS responsible daughter run around with all these guys after she proved she cant protect herself from pregnancy? If anything, SHE needs to be staying home. At least Briana took responsibility for getting pregnant instead of eliminating the problem and putting herself at risk all over again.

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