Alex McCord’s 'RHOM' Recap: The WORST Thing 1 Housewife Can Do to Another

rhomWhat’s the worst crime in Real Housewives land? It's either stealing money or stealing the spotlight. As one who has teetered on those uneven stilettos for years, I can tell you that while swiping money might land you an indictment, on reality TV, stealing someone's thunder carries the death penalty. Let me break down the biggest offenders on this week's Real Housewives of Miami.


We see bridezilla number one, Joanna Krupa, struggling over her fiancé’s desire for a prenuptial agreement, which begs the question, are they so wrong? Should Romain stipulate that Joanna’s sister Marta can’t come near the wedding?

Bridezilla number two, Adriana de Moura, sticks to her story that she’s not really married -- damn the legalities!! Does that mean we can all deny we’re married if we have fights with our husbands? In any case, throwing a wedding makes for great reality television.

Finally, this week we blow the roof off cast member storylines. Every season, the ladies of each city compete for the biggest, best, most dramatic personal lives. But I'm here to tell you that what we see on the screen doesn’t dovetail with actual reality. Watch my exclusive video here for all the details and answers to your Twitter questions!

Who do you think brings the most drama on RHOM?


Image via Bravo

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