Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Super Close to Getting Back Together

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartJust when you thought it was safe to say "they're broken up", Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are getting back together. According to Us Weekly, after a recent "intense conversation", it looks like the couple is going to give things another go. Apparently, Rob is "obsessed with Kristen" and Kristen is "heartbroken" over Rob. So yeah. They've decided it's time for Robsten Take 3.

And what could possibly go wrong?

Besides everything, nothing really.


Kind of.

Although they've both respectively appeared to be enjoying the single life lately, countless reports have begun cropping up saying otherwise. Of course this could just be hearsay, but come on, guys. We know better at this point. Rob and Kristen have a completely co-dependent confusing relationship in which they seem miserable with each other and miserable without. It's a lose-lose situation. Or a win-win. To be honest, I really don't even know anymore. All I know is I probably spend more time than I should reading about their love life.

If they want to get back together, great. Do it up, guys. It'll be awesome. And if they don't, fine. Whatever. But this wishy-washy stuff they're doing right now isn't healthy. They need to pull the trigger one way or another, because, Jesus. How many "intense conversations" can one couple have? I'm exhausted just thinking about them.

Do you think Rob and Kristen are getting back together?


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Cynthia Maria Costa

No, I don't think Rob and Kristen getting back together...

Nancy Castellow

They should just stay together, maybe get counselling to handle any issues. But they can do it, they should. They love each other.

nonmember avatar sandra howey

I am glad for both of them, you can tell they are not happy without each other

nonmember avatar Robin

I think there's no wishy-washy stuff at all going on. Other than the tabloids neither Rob nor Kristen are acting like they're getting back together.

Why people can't figure out that the tabs are just making stuff up I don't understand.

Pam Parks

It's the ideal romance.  Who wouldn't want happiness for both of them?  But it's their lives.  Whatever they decide - it's up to them.  I wish them both the every best regardless.

E.v. Emmons

Miserable with? Or Miserable is his different than most married people are lol.


Carol Bonsall

lets get this couple back together thats not the way to put it is yourselves to decided and NO ONE ELSE.. bless you both.

Susan Petito

no there done with each other

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